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NS 3700


By now traditionally I  make a set of photos of the full inventory of the kit

  • just for the fun of it,
  • to acquaintaince myself with the kit,
  • to check if the kit is complete and
  • to share the contents of the kit with you to encourage you to pick up kit building if you haven't done so yet.

The box was in good shape with no shelf wear.

I payed €149. DJH's website states £299, which is at the time of writing €338, so I struck a good deal. Prices of this kit have fallen significantly after Artitec came with its ready-to-run mass production of the cass. But I love building for the sake of building so I wanted the kit anyway.

A well cast boiler.

The running board/footplate with the splashers.

Most of the running gear: motor, gears, axles, wheels and crankpins and nuts (right)

Construction parts (bolts, nuts, frame spacers) and other brass goodies.

White metal detail parts, some of which I will replace with better brass cats parts of Philotrain.




The etched parts, spacers, locomotive cab, tender sides, tender frame

Locomotive frames, rods, tender frame.

and the obligatory bag of rodding which I usually do not use, any serious builder will have his own supply of this.