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NS 3700


NS class 3700

The class 3700 is the archetypical steam locomotive of the Netherlands. Ask people about steam locomotives and they will have the image of the 3737. I have long postponed buying a DJH kit of this class, for one because there is mass production model of the class by Artitec (costing twice as much) and second because I dislike the exaggerated popularity of the class. There are so many other beautiful Dutch classes. But in November 2017 I stumbled over a half-price bargain of the latest edition of the kit and bought it.

The brand new 3785. Source: ©Collection Het Utrechts Archief, collection De Pater, Catalogue number 808477

As the 120 strong class roamed the Dutch rails for almost fifty years and public interest for the class was uncommonly great any attempt to summarize its history does the class injustice yet I had a go at a brief history of the 3700 class.


11-11-2017 (Armistice Day, Remembrance Day)

The kit has not been started. It is in store until I have time to build it. That may take some time....