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NBDS 118-119

Introduction - NBDS 118-119 later NS class 4500

The origins of this project go back a long way. My first model I built when I re-entered the hobby in my forties was a set of flat freight cars by MK Modelbouwstudio. After completing that project I must already have seen the announcement of the NS4500, a former NBDS locomotive class. The kit is based on a Roco BR 57 0-10-0 and needs to be converted by the modeller into a 2-8-0 arrangement. I deemed that beyond my skills at that time. I did buy a BR 57 though, somewhere around 2010 I guess, I did not note purchase date or price. It lived on a shelf since then until I recently stumbled across an announcement of a second batch of the 4500 kit. I had completely missed out on the first batch! That turned out to be a good thing because the second batch could be supplied with the four-axled tender. I wanted to build the loco in the original NBDS guise so yes, I needed that tender. In June 2018 I was handed over the kit on the Houten model railway trade fair.

NBDS 118 in builder's grey, Hohenzollern builder's photo 1917.

NBDS 119 in almost the same position (including the valve gear!). A 1:32 live steam model by Jaap Oudes. Photo 2019©Jaap Oudes kindly granted.

An action shot in the garden. Photo 2019©Jaap Oudes kindly granted.

Status of the project

2020-05-05 Liberation Day in the Netherlands, 75th anniversary of the end of WW2

Project completed! There is a little touching up to do and I need to look into a minor running problem, but that is all small work.

I tried to posr the final portrait of the loco as Jaap's 1:32 model for comparison. Click image to enlarge


Painting done and lining well underway


Amidst the Corona crisis I made a teeny-weeny bit of progress on the paint job

02-02-2020 (the date palindrome)

Construction has been completed, now for the painting and lining.

20 April 2019

Drive and valve gear laid aside for later (final) assembly. For the first time joined with its tender. Main construction has been completed. Awaiting delivery of the motor, repair of my lathe to turn the wheels (yes it gave up today!). Until then I will start detailing.

11 April 2019

Trial fitting the whole frame including drive gear and running freely

9 April 2019

The loco proper is nicely coming together.

25 March 2019

After completion of the NS 5000 and the remotorising of SHM 26 I picked up the NBDS project again. These are the modest beginnings.

15 January 2019

While waiting for my NS 5000 to dry completely before painting I had a first round removing all flash, casting sprues and otherwise superfluous resin parts taking the excellent manual as a guide. At the background you can see the donor model awaiting its imminent rebirth.

Progress will stall for a while now as I will first finish my NS 5000.

13 January 2019

Now the NS 5000 project is entering its final phase, painting and final assembly, it is waiting for a bit more favourable weather to exhaust the paint fumes. After all exhausting them into a strong westerly wind straight into my window is not a good idea. So I made an early start with the NBDS project. As it will be my ninth full locomotive build the number will be NBDS 119

The true first action, cutting the sprue from the cab

30 June 2018

Project not started. Awaiting time and priority.