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Drill (Dremel or alike) and drill stand

One serious investment in the tooling for your hobby is going to be a decent drill with a drill stand. I found that drilling holes accurately by hand is cumbersome, tiresome and in most cases inadequately accurate. Only with these tools you will be able to drill accurate and round holes, without the drill slipping away. I found it virtually impossible to drill 0,5 mm holes without the drill stand. I just couldn't hold the drill sufficiently in line with the holes, inevitably breaking the drill bit.

The drill cost me about €55 in a set with various accessories. The drill stand cost me another €45


X-Y table

An optional accessory to the drill stand is this adjustable working table. I must admit I bought only recently and I have little or no experience yet. But the idea is that it can position your work piece more accurately. One complete turn of the wheels corresponds with 1 mm, the scale on the wheel allows you to position as accurate as 0,05 mm and less. The working table also enables you to perform small milling operations. I bought it in a sale, so its price was acceptable for an experiment. I can always try to sell it for the same price, but frankly it never went away. Original road price is about €95.


A final improvement bordering on decadency is the 2016 replacement of my original drill stand. Proxxon had issued a new type that allows accurate vertical drilling. More, the head of the drill stand allows a tilt with the head moving along the line of the tilt. The old one could only move up and down, irrespective the tilt of the head. So I can now drill under an angle.


A good gauge to measure the angle of the tilt

And a depth gauge