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Sources for detail parts

During the various building projects I needed extra detail parts. Finding them is no easy task and on this page I will list my resources. As time progresses and I find new resources I will add them. If you know one not listed here by all means email me. I will check these links regularly but if you find a faulty link please let me know.

Name (and link) Products Type Remarks
Mainly Trains   Webshop Fast and adequate service, low on shipping costs
Cary Detail Parts
Wide assortment of US oriented steam locomotive detail parts. As some of the prototype were exported like injector some of these parts are also suited for European modellers Webshop  
Nairnshire modelling   Webshop  
Markits Manufacturer allowing direct order

Online catalogue,

Order by mail or telephone
Not particularly fast, so order in advance.
Narrow Planet Specialized in etch work eg number plates, fully customized to your demands Email Excellent service and exemplary communication. Fun to deal with!
C+L Finescale   Webshop  
Philotrain Manufacturer of Dutch locomotive details. As many Dutch locomotives originate from UK builders, some parts may be of interest to UK modelers Email