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eBook references

  Title Author Year
  Handbook on the Steam Locomotive for enginemen and running staff South African Railways 1956
  - Also available in PDF format (22 MB)   1956
  Rhodesia Railways Engineman's Handbook Rhodesian Railways 1948
  - Also available in PDF format (46 MB)   1948
  Steam locomotive construction and maintenance, describing workshop equipment and practice in the construction of modern steam railway locomotives with notes on inspection, testing, maintenance and repairs Ahrons, Ernest Leopold 1921
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  Locomotive appliances,
supplement to The science of railways
Kirkman, Marshall Monroe 1903
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  Locomotives and locomotive building, being a brief sketch of the growth of the railroad system and of the various improvements in locomotive building in America together with a history of the origin and growth of the Rogers Locomotive and Machine Works Rogers Locomotive and Machine Works 1886
  Illustrated catalogue of narrow-gauge locomotives Baldwin Locomotive Works 1885
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  Baldwin locomotive works. Illustrated catalogue of locomotives Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation 1871?
  A new theory of the steam engine and the mode of calculation by means of it, of the effective power [etc.] of every kind of steam engine, stationary or locomotive Guyonneau de Pambour 1840