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I read a lot, especially about railways, in general and steam locomotives in particular. In these pages I'd like to reflect on some of the books I read. As I have about threehundred books by now it will take some time to comment on them all....

Year of issue
  100 jaar onderhoud aan elektrisch materieel in Leidschendam L.N.H. Jans 2008
  Articulated Locomotives None 2010
  Atlantic, the well-beloved engine R.A.S. Hennesey 2008
  De Noord-Brabantsch-Duitsche Spoorwegmaatschappij Vincent Freriks, Hans Schlieper 2008
  Die Dampflokomotive Autorenkollektiv 1965
New Du Croo & Brauns Locomotives Jan de Bruin 1987
  Eisenbahn im dritten Reich Martin Weltner 2008
  Fairlie Articulated Locomotives, vol 1 - on the American continent Doanld Binns 2001
  Kittel Dampftriebwagen Werner Willhaus 2008
  New South Wales Railways "60" Class Lindsay Crow, Don McLean and John Sargent 2002
  Railway disasters Stanley Hall 1992
  Stoomlocomotieven serie SS 801-835 (NS serie 1700) Paul Henken 2008
  The Book of the LM Garratts Ian Sixsmith 2007