2022-09-08 Rigi

On a trip to Switzerland we visited the Rigibahnen
Vitznau Earth  -->  On the first day of our Switzerland tour we stopped in Vitznau to have a day at the Rigi mountain and its  railway system . Vitznau Earth2  -->  Our hotel (in white) was straight opposite of the new station and boarding area of the Vitznau Rigi Bahn (green). On the left the building for the boats (red) and below the maintenance depot (yellow). Space is at a premium here and the railway actually ran straight under the kitchen of our hotel. In our ground floor room we could hear the trains rumble by when leaving and entering the station. 2022-09-08 19.50.18  -->  Our hotel. We were housed in the annex further to the right. If you come to visit the Rigi railway system, book this hotel. They are really top hosts and as a train enthusiast you could simply not wish to be closer to the station. 2022-09-07 17.35.21  -->  The view from our hotel room. Right the new station builidng, with just visible along the palm tree a train awaiting departure and the depot at the left
DSC03014b  -->  The station building the boats of Lake Lucerne 2022-09-08 08.42.17  -->  Allowing a wonderful view over Lake Lucerne 2022-09-08 08.41.19  -->  These  Bhe 4/6 double cars from Stadler  entered service in April 2022 (so only months old) thereby pushing the sometimes almost eighty year old rolling stock out of service. The low floor conforms modern regulations and these cars offer every modern comfort one might expect. The arrival of these cars more than doubled the capacitty of the Vitznau-Rigi line. Personally I think they are ugly, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 2022-09-08 10.08.27  -->
2022-09-08 08.41.32  -->  Bhe 2/4 no 1 from 1937 (!) is lingering in the shed, awaiting its further fate after more than eighty years of service. 2022-09-08 08.45.10  -->  The Riggenbach rack and pinion system 2022-09-08 08.46.21  -->  The complex turntable which double acts as a switch 2022-09-08 08.39.41  -->  Ta 2/2 no 1 (1982) shunting on the turntable
DSC03293  -->  The control panel of the turntable DSC03046  -->  Rolling stock from the steam time, probably dating back to 1871 DSC03290  --> DSC03291  -->
DSC03292  -->  Overhead connector which bridges the gap for the door of the depot DSC03015  -->  An original Vitznau Rigi Bahn electric locomotive,  He 2/2 no 18 from 1938 , a more modern version of the ones of the Schynige Platte Bahn. P1081436 (2)  -->  Me, hard at work DSC03018  -->
DSC03017  --> DSC03019  --> DSC03020  -->  I was lucky. One of the old motor units was brought out on the turntable into the sparkling morning sun. No 5 dates from 1964, still a good 60 years old. DSC03021  -->
DSC03022  --> DSC03023  --> DSC03024  --> DSC03037  -->
DSC03034  --> 2022-09-08 Vitznau Draaischijf  -->  See the turntable in action Route01  -->  We went up the Rigi via the line of the former Vitznau-Rigi-Bahn (now part of the merged Rigi-Bahnen). DSC03062  -->  The ride soon gave stunning views over Lake Lucerne.
DSC03072  --> DSC03080  -->  The steepness of the track was surprising. I kept my camera absolutely level for this shot. DSC03086  -->  The Vitznau Rigi Bahn was until 1992 a separate company from the Arth Goldau Bahn. Both railways join near the top. DSC03091  -->  and then two parallel tracks continu onwards
DSC03106  -->  The station just under the Rigi Summit. From here it is just a short walk. By now the clouds had closed in and obscured the view... DSC03107  --> DSC03093  -->  ... and then the sun came out again DSC03109  -->  Just as fast as the clouds came, they disappeared
DSC03094  --> DSC03095  --> DSC03096  -->  A (at least seemingly) very old coach DSC03097  -->
DSC03098  --> DSC03099  --> DSC03100  --> DSC03101  -->
DSC03102  --> DSC03103  --> DSC03104  --> DSC03113  -->  We made it to the summit
DSC03122  -->  and back DSC03126  --> DSC03127  -->  Somehow the colourful advertising goes togehter well with the old school design of the car dating back to 1960 Route02  -->  On the second leg of our trip we descended tot the station of Rigi Kaltpad and walked the viewing platform "Känzeli" (meaning as much as small pulpit).
DSC03138  -->  At Rigi Kaltbad DSC03142  --> DSC03155  -->  Känzeli platform 2022-09-08 12.47.55  -->  which gave us this breathtaking view over Lake Lucerne
Route03  -->  From Känzeli I made a two hour walk to Scheidegg. This route followed by and large the trackbed of the abandoned Rigi-Scheidegg Railway (in operation from 1875 to 1931) except where I made a diversion to the peak of the Dossen (1685 m, which might not seem high but is still 1250 m above lake Lucerne) DSC03158  --> DSC03163  --> DSC03164  -->  View from the ridge of the Dossen (1685) on the station of Vitznau
DSC03172  -->  Part of my walk went on the former  Rigi-Scheidegg Raiway . DSC03173  --> DSC03165  -->  A coach no 7 of the Rigi Scheidegg Railway survives as a holiday home along its former trackbed DSC03166  -->
DSC03167  --> DSC03168  --> DSC03169  -->  A rebuilt bridge (the entire line was lifted in 1942) DSC03171  -->
DSC03194b  -->  Approaching the Dossen gave this wonderful view Route04  -->  at the far right the route I took after descending from the Dossen: a cable car to Kräbel and then the Art-Rigi-Bahn to Arth Goldau DSC03207b  --> DSC03204b  -->
DSC03209b  --> DSC03221b  -->  I had just enough time to take some photos in the Arth Goldau depot. I am sorry that the photos are of a lesser quality. I accidentily activated a "fun" camera setting which more or less played havoc. I was able to correct some of tjis misery with my photo editor, but the result still leaves a lot to be desired. DSC03228b  --> DSC03227b  -->
DSC03220b  --> DSC03216b  -->  The depot with its transfer table DSC03217  -->  With a shy BDhe 2/4 no 7 (1925) hiding for the camera DSC03211b  -->
DSC03214b  -->  Motor unit no 12 dates from 1949 has also reached the age of the very strong. It is interior is currently being returned to its origirnal condition with wooden banks. DSC03218b  --> DSC03219b  --> Route05  -->  The last part of the day I went bak up the Rigi to the Rigi Staffel sation where the Arth-Rigi and the Vitznau-Rigi railways meet and then I returned down to Vitznau
DSC03235b  -->  Leaving Arth Goldau DSC03240b  --> DSC03249  --> DSC03255  -->  Change trains at Rigi Staffel
DSC03261  --> DSC03280  -->  Vitznau, where the line dives under our hotel 2022-09-08 19.49.31  -->  An amzing sunset concludes a wonderful day