2019-06-04 Charleville

During our holiday we visited
DSC01061  -->  Charleville is  situated in the north of France . The station building from the heydays of this sleepy town looks very promising DSC01062  -->  But actually these DMU's are dominant to the extent there is little else to see DSC01063  --> DSC01064  -->
DSC01065  -->  The class Z27500 in 211 examples until 2012. The trainsets can have either three or four coaches. DSC01066  --> DSC01067  --> DSC01068  -->
DSC01069  --> DSC01070  --> DSC01071  --> DSC01072  -->
DSC01073  -->  Washing installation DSC01074  -->  Do not pass without disabling the alarm DSC01075  --> DSC01076  -->
DSC01077  --> DSC01078  --> DSC01079  -->  Signalling under the canopy DSC01080  -->
DSC01081  --> DSC01082  -->  Not a living soul. Very much the impression of the whole station that day. DSC01084  --> DSC01086  -->
DSC01087  --> DSC01088  -->  TGV?  Train a Grande Vibrations maybe? I checked but this sleepy town does have a TV connection DSC01089  -->  Well that was it.