2017-10 Trams of Prague

During our visit to Prague I recorded many trams and although not in my direct line of interest I thought it nice to make a photo report.
a3 kolejova doprava -  Pragues public transport system is extensive, to make an understatement. It is cheap, fast, clean and modern. The metro and tram network serves the city area, the bus network extends further afield. In this photo report I have grouped the photos per tram type. Within each tram type I worked more or less chronologically, covering encouters in the week from 6 October to 13 October 2017 GPS-coordinates -  Note on this Album. If a photo contains GPS-coordinates you can click on the pin on the lower right side of the page and view the location where the photo was taken. Please remember that this is generally the location of the CAMERA and not of the TRAM and also that there maybe some inaccuracy in the location.. Tram Tatra T3 -  The Tatra T3 may very well be the most produced tram type of all times. No less then 14,000 units were built and sold worldwide. Even today the T3 form the backbone of the Prague tram network with 60% of all units. Not because there is no money to replace them but because they are so reliable there is no need to replace them. Then again, they are beginning to show there age. DSC07650 -  I spotted my first T3 on the crossroads of Koněvova and J. Želivského when it emerged from the slope up Pod Krejcárkem.
DSC07652 - DSC07655 -  The T3 often ride in pairs which are usually consecutively numbered, so it is extremely likely that the second car is number 8545. Both are of the T3RP batch, a modernised version of the T3. DSC07686 -  No 8518 and 8519 scuttling down the Sokolovská towards the Urxova halt. DSC07688 -
DSC07689 - DSC07690 -  And when 8518/8519 disappear in the distance towards the city centre along the Sokolovská another pair led by 8478 comes up to take us to Kobylisy DSC07692 - DSC07693 -  Stopping at Urxova
DSC07695 -  At Kobilisy we took line 17 to take us to Staroměstská. But, did we take the wrong tram then? Kobylisy is no where near in the direction of the city centre! Correct, we took the tram to Kobilisy to see more of the city than just the centre. It is a cheap way of sight seeing! 2017-10-08 12.52.23 -  8516/8517 at Staroměstská 2017-10-08 12.52.26 -  Although the trams ride in pairs, the second cars is not a simple trailer or even an non-cabbed slave. It is a fully operational prime unit, but probably in slave mode. So in case of necessity each unit can go its own way. DSC07921 -  8476/8477 crossing at Palmovka
DSC07924 -  8405/8406 pull over the crossroads at Palmovka after the passing of 8434/8435 DSC07988 -  8324/8325 pull away from Malostranská halt. DSC08277 -  8554/8555 pull up Klárov after departure from Malostranská halt. DSC08278 -  Advertising trams are although not in large numbers yet not entirely uncommon. The advertising says "Home at last" for Skanka Group. Apparently the advertising is also applied in pairs. No 8542/8543 on the Klárov.
2017-10-09 19.00.31 -  Later that day my Samsung S7 was able to demonstrate its amazing low light abilities by making an exellent shot of 8368/8369 in Na Poříčí at Náměstí Republiky halt. DSC08311 -  8299/8300 at Štvanice halt on the Hlávkův most. DSC08319 -  Again an advertisement pair serving line 17 to Kobilisy on the Nábřeží Kapitána Jaroše DSC08320 -
DSC08328 -  A bit further down the same Nábřeží (embankment, waterfront) DSC08334 -  8226/8323 (not consecutively numbered!) taking the turn onto the Štefánikův most DSC08336 - DSC08531 -  8089 and 8029 at the same spot
DSC08533 - DSC08534 - DSC08535 -  8231/8214 approaching the same crossroads. DSC08536 -  Wainting for the traffic lights
DSC08540 -  On the last photo from the Štefánikův most showing 8495 and 8452 as a pair DSC08544 -  8403/8404 passing through Na Poříčí towards Náměstí Republiky DSC08545 -  and taking the turn into Havlíčkova towards the Prague Masarykovo station (Praha Masarykovo Nádraží) DSC08547 -  The stop in front of Masarykovo station is busy
DSC08609 -  The S-curve out of Havlíčkova into Dlážděná. It is a busy place with streets which are hard to get a clear view. The traffic lights are not a luxury. DSC08715 -  8284 at the Muzeum stop, as seen from over the tunnel entrance under the Vinohradská. DSC08721 -  This T3 is a modernised version which performed so well that a similar batch has been built new according to the original design, but with a low-floor section in the middle. DSC08765 -  8332 at Hradčanská
DSC08766 - DSC08771 - DSC08772 - DSC08773 -
DSC08774 -  The coat of arms of the city of Prague, motto: Praga Caput Rei publicae (Prague, Head of the Republic). DSC08777 -  One of the few unmodernised T3s (I guess), no 7188, once bought from the Sovjet Union and adapted for work in Prague, taking its first and larger hairpin turn in the Chotkova. DSC08778 -  We are decending between the top and the bottom hairpin in the Chotkova as we are passed by 8386(?) and 8387 heading uphill. DSC08780 -  This is the lower and far tighter hairpin curve in the Chotkova. Trams generally slow to a crawl and take the curve cautiously. See the action on  Youtube
DSC08782 -  The one unmodified T3 we saw earlier is following us. DSC08784 - DSC08956 -  8534 with an unknown companion passing Čechův most DSC08990 -  To conclude this series about the more or less standard T3s a glorious sunshine shot of 8312 and 8313 crossing Čechův most as seen from the Hanavský Pavilon
DSC07545 -  Although in essence a T3 the conspicuous livery of the T3R.PLF (8251-8258) set these models apart. They are low-floor rebuilds to accomodate disabled people. One is seen here passing over Mánesův Most. DSC07547 - DSC07548 - DSC07555 -  On the same bridge but facing in the other direction the passage of 8283 provides a classic Prague image with the St Vitus cathedral in the background.
DSC07627 -  8263 trundling down J. Želivského DSC07629 -  A characteristic front DSC07633 -  and rear by the way. 2017-10-08 12.45.15 -  We passed another in the Dukelských Hrdinů
2017-10-08 18.56.36 -  At the Náměstí Republiky halt. DSC08283 -  8257 taking the turn from Křižovnická onto the Mánesův Most DSC08762 -  8261 in the background is approaching Muzeum DSC08775 -  We took a ride with 8280 from Hradčanská to Karlovy lázně
DSC08807 -  Karlovy lázně DSC09004 -  At Klárov Tram Tatra KT8D5 -  Far less ubiquitous than the T3s are the other more modern Tatra types. The trams are in the process of being rebuilt and 50 is added to the road number after rebuilding so evetually the 9001-9048 class wil be extinct. I suspect that is already the case as I spotted only rebuilt cars and none with an original number. DSC07682 -  At Urxova halt
2017-10-08 18.50.47 -  9098 at Náměstí Republiky DSC07918 -  A rebuilt KT8D5 waits at Palmovka DSC07929 -  At Palmovka we changed trams and while waiting for our tram to come we saw this rebuilt 9095 turning coming from Hloubětín DSC08293 -  9063 at speed over the Sokolovská
DSC08322 -  9073 against the background of the image of Prague pur sang, the Prague Castle with the St Vitus cathedral, on the Nábřeží Edvarda Beneše DSC08323 -  Taking the turn from Nábřeží Edvarda Beneše into Dukelských Hrdinů DSC08324 -  Almost at the same spot 9070 emerged DSC08326 -
DSC08330 -  Further down the Nábřeží Edvarda Beneše 9054 turn out of the Štefánikův most DSC08525 -  9093 on the Štefánikův most. DSC08770 -  Hradčanská Tram T6A55 -
DSC07436 -  Náměstí Republiky 2017-10-08 18.51.15 -  8685 running ahead of a KT8D5 at Náměstí Republiky DSC08527 -  8727 behind an unknown companion lines up behind two T3s in the Revoluční DSC08541 -  8709 waiting gor the traffic lights to give the clear on the Štefánikův most
DSC08542 - DSC08611 -  8722 at speed on the Senovážné námesti. DSC09003 -  and finally 8713 and 8727 at Klárov Tram Škoda 14 T -  Although intended for large scale introduction the number of 14T is rather limited to make room for the large production of the more every day 15T. The design of the 14T is by Porsche. The 14 T has six axles, and the low-floor area represents 50% of the entire vehicle floor. Due to specific Prague conditions it is able to deal with difficult adhesive conditions on grades up to 8.5%. It has a capacity of 279 passengers (T3: 110).
Skoda 4T -  The tram has no bogies but rests on six single, fixed axles in three pairs under the first, third and fifth body section. Note: the copyright claim of this image is void (automatically generated and I can't suppress it) DSC08331 -  My first sighting of a 14T was an advertisement tram. no 9153 passes over the Nábřeží Edvarda Beneše in front of the Štefánikův most DSC08610 -  Sister 9149 approaches Masarykovo station DSC08803 -  Our tram passes advertisement tram no 9157 at Staroměstská
DSC08805 - 2017-10-13 11.38.44 -  And with this Porsche we had our last tram ride of the holiday, here at Urxova 2017-10-13 11.40.13b -  Our final halt at Křižíkova Tram Škoda 15 T -  Numbering 205 and counting the 15T is the second most numerous class of the city. Where the 14T had only 50% low-floor capacity, the 15T is the first 100% low-floor tram in Prague.
Skoda 15T -  The 15T breaks away from the fixed axle design of the 14 T.  The 15 T has articulated bogies at either end of the train, and Jacobs bogies between the segments.  Note: the copyright claim of this image is void (automatically generated and I can't suppress it). The original is located  here . DSC07549 -  9202 after turning from Klárov and about to cross the Mánesův most. DSC07572 -  9258 showing its full length in 17. listopadu DSC07631 -  9223 leaving Biskupcova halt at J. Želivského
DSC07634 -  and taking the turn down the slope towards Palmovka DSC07635 - DSC07636 - DSC07638 -  9373 turning onto the J. Želivského
DSC07642 -  The turn shows beautifully how the body and its bogies are articulated. DSC07644 - 2017-10-08 18.52.44 -  9336 at night at Náměstí Republiky halt DSC07982 -  A view from inside showing the modern workplace of the driver. Getting the green on the Újezd crossing the Hellichova
DSC07987 -  Entering the narrow passage of Letenská. Note how two tracks are intertwined. At the other side another 15T is waiting to get the clear. DSC08002 -  Our tram pulling away Pražský hrad halt. DSC08279 -  9317 at Klárov halt DSC08327 -  9392 running the Nábřeží Edvarda Beneše
DSC08341 -  9340 taking the turn from the Štefánikův most onto the Nábřeží Edvarda Beneše DSC08342 - DSC08344 - DSC08556 -  9374 running through the S-curve into Havlíčkova near Masarykovo station
DSC08557 - DSC08767 -  9220 and 9284 meet at Hradčanská DSC08769 -  9328 opens its doors at Hradčanská DSC08868 -  Shit happens. Don't know what it hit. I arrived after the offending objects already had been removed. I suspect that 9402 did not brake in time and ran into the rear end of another tram. Spálená at the junction with Lazarská
DSC08869 -  But the unfortunate 9402 stalled. DSC08870 - DSC08871 -  Having stalled at a junction the unfortnate 9402 effectively caused a a pile up of trams in three directions within a matter of minutes. DSC08876 -  Side skirts of the leading bogies are being secured.
DSC08880b -  At least it allows a good view at the bogies DSC08882 -  and also at the movement of the rear bogie DSC08885 - DSC08887 -  and one of the jacobs bogies
DSC08884 -  Sisters waiting patiently for the blockage to clear DSC08888 -  Within ten minutes a repair crew was at the spot DSC08896 - DSC08899 -  and before long the stricken was mobile again, here at the Karlovo náměstí at the intersection with Odborů
DSC09008 -  To conclude this series I would like to end with a complete example, here at the Mánesův most heading for Klárov. Tram Bits and Pieces - 2017-10-10 17.31.19 -  Just about in the middle of the Václavské námesti, aka Wenceslas Square, a tramway café reminds of the time that the tram used to run over the length of this square before the construction of the metro network.  Trailer 1429 belonged to the class numbered 1301-1580, built by Ringhoffer in 1946 2017-10-10 17.31.35 -  on the other side there also an historic motor car. I could not find any information about it. If some one knows more about its history please contact me.
2017-10-10 17.31.53 - DSC07927 -  Instruction tram 5524 arrives at Palmovka. The tram clearly has another colour scheme. DSC07928 -  And its sister unit 5525 passes only a few minutes later at Palmovka 2017-10-08 18.52.44b -  Being in Prague was in itself a joy. It is a beautiful city and the Czech people are great. The trams provide a great means of transport. Cheap , fast, clean. They can be crowded at times but I never felt uneasy like in Paris. And seeing the trams is a joy to behold. Part of the fun of being in Prague was certainly watching its tram system.