2017-06 UK 9. Dinas

UK 2017 album No 9 of 9: Dinas.
A more or less random collection lying about Dinas station yard
DSC05167  At the entrance of the station sits one of the surviving DeWinton vertical boiler locomotive. De Winton was a local Welsh builder (Caernarfon) DSC05168  Vertical cylinders DSC05169 DSC05170
DSC05176 DSC05177 DSC05178  Ag the Stephenson valve gear has completely disappeared. DSC05171  I strolled further down the yard towards the maintenance shed. A NGG16 running axle bogie.
DSC05173  The maintenance shed was a busy place. As I had passed a sign prohibiting to go any further I would test their patience with me and left. In the middle an NGG16 boiler cradle. DSC05174  Two running axle bogie frames DSC05179  Some South African goods wagons in the railyard DSC05180
DSC05181  NGG16 driving axles, my guess. With new tires. DSC05182 DSC05183  More NGG16 parts, don't know if its for scrap or for reuse. In front a fornt (water) tank and behind it a rear water tank annex coal bunker. Left a disused boiler on a boiler cradle DSC05184  NGG16 boiler and boiler cradle
DSC05185 DSC05186  The pivot DSC05187 DSC05188  To my unexperienced eyes the boiler doesn't look in too bad a condition.
DSC05189 DSC05190  Front pivot DSC05192 DSC05193
DSC05194  Three driving wheel sets, one the left one being the driving axle DSC05197  Chimney, or more accurte: the exhaust pipe DSC05198  Fire doors DSC05199  Left a more or less complete bogieand middle a stripped bogie frame of an NGG16
DSC05201  The complete bogie, though without piston DSC05202 DSC05203 DSC05204  While I was at at a fully working set of spare parts passed by collectively known under number 143.
DSC05205 DSC05206 DSC05209 DSC05210
DSC05211 DSC05212 DSC05213 DSC05214
DSC05216 DSC05220 DSC05221 DSC05222  The pivot pan
DSC05223 DSC05225 DSC05226  Another boiler DSC05227  Ash pan
DSC05228  Driving axle DSC05229  Running axles DSC05230  Aomehow I have the feeling that this is not an NGG16 boiler, too long and sleek for a Garratt. Maybe for a NG15? DSC05231
DSC05232  Cab roof upside down DSC05233  Sand boxes DSC05234 DSC05235  NG15 roof upside down
DSC05244 DSC05237 DSC05238 DSC05240  Smokbox front ring
DSC05241 DSC05243  Parts of the boiler cladding DSC05245 DSC05215  This is how it can look after all the hard work