2017-06 UK 8. FfFFF - Taliesin

Ffestiniog's Fantastic Fairlie Four: Single Fairlie Talisin
During our UK holiday we spent a week close to Porthmadog's Harbour Station where the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways meet.
I made many photos over the week and rather than per day I grouped these photos in an album per locomotive.
DSC04985  I had been at Porthmadog three days and I was pleasantly surprised to find the single Fairlie Taliesin in Harbour Station DSC04987  I visited Porthmadog in 2009 and 2011 but I had never seen the loco before. DSC04988  This is the most dirtinctive different view from this loco. Wheresas a Double Fairlie is symmetrical and has a boiler extending oth ways with the fireboxes in the middle, a single Fairlie has a more or less conventional boiler stfest21  The main difference of a Single Fairlie with a conventional steam locomotive is that the driver sets of wheels and the running wheels are situatued in one bogie each. It gives the loco superior running qualities over a conventional locomotive especially at higher speeds. This makes the single Fairlie especially suited for passenger trains. The powered bogie is exchangeable with those of the double Fairlies. Copyright drawing:  ©1996-2010 Timothy J. Mallery. Source :  http://www.catskillarchive.com/rrextra/stfest20.Html
DSC04989  Taliesin's power bogie DSC04990 DSC04991  Note how narrow the gauge is relative to the body of the locomotive DSC04993  Becasude there is no big firebox section running through, the cab of a Single Fairlie is spacious compared to that of a Double Fairlie.
DSC04994 DSC04995 DSC04996 DSC04997  This loco was built new in Boston Lodge Works in 1999 as a replica of the original loco dismantled in 1924 and scrapped in the 30s.
DSC04999 DSC05000 DSC05001 DSC05002
DSC05006b DSC05007 DSC05008 DSC05013
DSC05014 DSC05015 DSC05016 DSC05020
DSC05027 DSC05030 DSC05031 DSC05037
DSC05043 DSC05047  The bogie that makes a Single Fairlie a SINGLE Fairlie DSC05054 DSC05055
DSC05056  At the coal stage in Harbour Station DSC05058 DSC05059 DSC05060
DSC05061 DSC05062 DSC05063 DSC05065
DSC05066 DSC05071 DSC05072 DSC05074
DSC05080 DSC05083 DSC05087 DSC05090
DSC05101 DSC05104  People make a railway DSC05106 DSC05107
DSC05109 DSC05110 DSC05116  Finally leaving with a train DSC05341  The next day. Talisiin coming "down" from Blaenau
DSC05354 DSC05357 DSC05360 DSC05372
DSC05377 DSC05381  Running round DSC05385 DSC05386
DSC05389 DSC05402 DSC05416 DSC05426
DSC05429 DSC05431 DSC05437 DSC05440
DSC05452 DSC05454 DSC05457 DSC05461  Passing David Lloyd George, the latter unscheduled in Harbour Station to get some coal.
DSC05748  At Tan-y-Blwch DSC05749 DSC05752 DSC05753
DSC05756 DSC05759 DSC05762 DSC05764
DSC05765 DSC05766 DSC05767 DSC05770
DSC05773 DSC05775  Admirer DSC05776 DSC06033  My last sighting was when I was traveling behind Merddin Emrys to Blaenay Ffestiniog when passing Ddualt. Talisien sat there in front of a special.