2017-06 UK 7. FfFFF - DLG

Ffestiniog's Fantastic Fairlie Four: David Lloyd George
During our UK holiday we spent a week close to Porthmadog's Harbour Station where the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways meet.
I made many photos over the week and rather than per day I grouped these photos in an album per locomotive.
DSC05458  I was photographing Taliesin (right) when suddenly a double Fairlie emerged. I knew Merddin Emrys to be elsewhere "up" with a train so this could be none other than David Lloyd George. DSC05460  I watched the unexpected visitor approach while Taliesin moved away. DSC05461 DSC05462
DSC05463 DSC05465 DSC05466  I was extremely lucky getting DLG before the lens. It was up for its annual boiler examination and it only came to Harbour Station for coaling. And I simply happened to be there. This chance encounter however fulfilled my wish to see and hug all four Fairlies. DSC05467
DSC05468 DSC05471  One conspicous difference with ME is that DLG has a far wider cab opening, leaving the crew far more exposed, especially on the Cob where a passage can be unpleasant with the prevailing wind and weather conditions. To quote the driver "you can get a horizontal shower right through the cab". DSC05472 DSC05473
DSC05474 DSC05475 DSC05477 DSC05478
DSC05480 DSC05481 DSC05482 DSC05485
DSC05486 DSC05487 DSC05490 DSC05491
DSC05492 DSC05493 DSC05494 DSC05495
DSC05497 DSC05500 DSC05507 DSC05515
DSC05521 DSC05527bb  After coaling DLG headed back to the station. I took this shot from the coaling stage. DSC05539  I quickly went back to Harbour Station and much to my delight I found DLG backing up (if ever you can say that of a Fairlie) towards Garratt no 87 on the WHR track. DSC05540  Closing in
DSC05541  and coupling up DSC05543  There was quite some interest and so it was difficult to get a free shot of the pair. Funnily the real steam buffs weren't the problem but the occasional tourists. They are simply unaware of the uniqueness of the occasion and of the needs and desires of photographers. Oh well, it all worked out. DSC05545 DSC05546
DSC05547  The pair pulling away towards Boston Lodge. A truly unique sight. DSC05550  The difference in size is huge. DSC05554 DSC05556
DSC05559 DSC05563