2017-06 UK 4. WHR no 143

During our UK holiday we spent a week close to Porthmadog's Harbour Station where the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways meet.
I made many photos over the week and rather than per day I grouped these photo in an album per locomotive.
DSC04600  No 143 is coupled up to her 14:10 duty to Caernarfon. Although clouded the weather was reasonable. DSC04601  No 143 is the last NGG16 built by Beyer Peacock in 1958. In fact it was the last steam locomotive by BP at all, after that production ceased. DSC04603 DSC04604
DSC04613 DSC04606 DSC04607 DSC04608
DSC04609  The last one...Same year as mine. DSC04610 DSC04611 DSC04869  The next day we made a walk near Beddgelert and had this view on its station from Mynydd Sygyn.
DSC04882  And while we were plodding down to Beddgelert we saw no 143 making its exit from the Aberglaslynpass. DSC04883  and entering Beddgelert station DSC04886 DSC05150  On Tuesday 27 June we found no 143 ate the Caernorfon end of the line.
DSC05151 DSC05152  Uncoupling... DSC05153  ...and running round. DSC05154
DSC05156 DSC05158 DSC05159 DSC05163  Taking water
DSC05204  On the same I payed a visit to Dinas and guess what. No 143 passed with the return train to Porthmadog. DSC05206 DSC05209 DSC05211
DSC05214 DSC05216 DSC05251  Arriving at Porthmadog DSC05253
DSC05255 DSC05259 DSC05261 DSC05263
DSC05265  Crossing Brittania Bridge against the background of the famous Welsh Liquid Sunshine DSC05266 DSC05269  Hading for Boston Lodge at the end of a day's work. DSC06286  On 30 June I found No 143 scrabbling around the yard in the morning.
DSC06287 DSC06289 DSC06292 DSC06298
DSC06300  YESSSSS, a Fairlie and a Garratt together!! DSC06306 DSC06324  Picking up her train for the 10;45 to Caernarfon DSC06325
DSC06326 DSC06332 DSC06334  Broad side view DSC06335
DSC06337 DSC06640  Later that day I saw no 143 return form Porthmadog over Brittania Bridge DSC06641 DSC06645
DSC06649 DSC06658 DSC06659 DSC06662
DSC06667 DSC06673 DSC06677 DSC06680
DSC06682 DSC06688 DSC06689 DSC06690
DSC06691 DSC06692 DSC06693 DSC06694
DSC06696 DSC06700 DSC06704 DSC06708
DSC06713 DSC06716 DSC06723 DSC06724
DSC06725 DSC06726 DSC06728 DSC06729
DSC06731 DSC06740 DSC06742 DSC06751
DSC06760 DSC06761 DSC06763 DSC06764
DSC06765 DSC06766  Moving to Boston Lodge, the last time I saw her (in this holiday)