2017-06 UK 1. SVR

During our UK holiday in the Cotswolds we spent a day on the Severn Valley Railway
map2015  The Severn Valley Railway is a heritage railway in Shropshire and Worcestershire, England. The 16-mile (26 km) heritage line runs along the Severn Valley from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster, crossing the Shropshire/Worcestershire border, following the course of the River Severn for much of its route. Train services are hauled predominantly by steam locomotives; however diesel traction is also sometimes used on designated days and during periods of high fire risk. DSC03662  We started our day at Kidderminser DSC03669  Kidderminster is one of the youngest of the SVR stations. The station was opened on 30 July 1984 and was built in a late Victorian style. The building design was based on the GWR Ross-on-Wye station building which opened in 1890. DSC03670  So it all looks old, it certainly fooled me, but actually it is relatively new.
DSC03660 DSC03661 DSC03672  The hall contained two "stalls" where everyday life in the thirties was depicted. I must say it was very convincing. DSC03673
DSC03690 DSC03689 DSC03675  Ah an ordinary Pannier will be our loco. I found that a bit disappointing. But then again, you can't have it all. I should have consulted the  loco roster DSC03691  O, that is amazing. I have seen a Gresley "teak" before but out in the open they are stunning.
DSC03692  Another Pannier was on a side spur. DSC03693 DSC03694  Our Pannier before the train. DSC03695  7714 is a GWR Collett 5700 class 0-6-0PT "pannier tank". This class was a numerous class of engine designed and built by the Great Western Railway; more than 860 were built between 1929 and 1950.
DSC03696 DSC03697 DSC03698 DSC03704
DSC03705 DSC03710  Before long we were off. DSC03711  Spares? Rejects? Who knows? DSC03712  The SVR also hosts a fleet of diesels.
DSC03717  One was shunting around DSC03720  Nice detail DSC03721  The Severn Valley itself is very much worth the visit, even if you're not here for the steam train. DSC03722
DSC03724  The entire railway is one of the most comprehensively signalled heritage railways. With the exception of the connection at Kidderminster to Network Rail metals (which uses a colour light signal) the whole railway is signalled using lower quadrant signals in the style of the Great Western Railway. DSC03742  Arley Station DSC03743  "Littered" with nice details DSC03744
DSC03745 DSC03755 DSC03759 DSC03767
DSC03770 DSC03771  Approaching Highley DSC03776  At Highley we left this train to pay a visit to the local shed where the non-operational locomotives are on display. DSC03775
DSC03782  The footbridge offers a nice view over the countryside. At the right is the downright ugly creation to house the non-operative locomotives. DSC03787b DSC03801 DSC03790
DSC03791 DSC03793  A Stanier "Black Five" (1935) DSC03799 DSC03796
DSC03804  This impressive tank is a British Standard Tank Class4, built in the period between 1951 to 1956 when the BR embarked on a large scale replacement of older steam locomotive classes. This replacement programma was cut short by the onsetting dieselation and the total number built stuck on 155. Some hardly got ten years of service. CIMG4373b  In "working position" CIMG4402b CIMG4406  While I was in the Locomotive Hall this engine passed Highley and my lovely missus took these photos in my absence
CIMG4407 CIMG4409 CIMG4410  Admittedly, good shots! CIMG4413  And when the train was leaving Highley.....
DSC03809  ....I arrived on the scene, just in time to snap the same loco DSC03814 DSC03817  The station have the nicest details DSC03818
DSC03821  The pannier tank wasn't a loco I appreciated very much but my spirits really sank when this surprise came around the corner: an oil lamp! You may love them if you like, but I think British diesels are ungainly and at best a mode of displacement. DSC03823bb DSC03826 DSC03838  Beforelong we arrived in Bridgenorth where the steam shed is situated. Unfortunately the Nanny State prohibits access for H&S reasons.
DSC03840 DSC03841 DSC03842 DSC03843
DSC03845 DSC03851  Our locomotive of the first leg will take the train back to Kidderminster DSC03911  A 162 of this Ivatt class 4 were produced between 1947 and 1952. So it is a fairly modern steam locomotive. This is the only axample that survived into preservation. DSC03912
DSC03913  I find it a rather elegant design DSC03914 DSC03917  Shunting around the trainyard DSC03920
DSC03922 DSC03928 DSC03933 DSC03939
DSC03940 DSC03944 DSC03950 DSC03952
DSC03964  On the way back to Kidderminster DSC03965 DSC03973 DSC03975
DSC03984  Trains crossing DSC03992 DSC03998  In Bewdley we found this West Country class "Taw Valley" from 1946 DSC04001
DSC04002 DSC04003 DSC04009 DSC04011
DSC04013 DSC04015 DSC04023 DSC04025  Time to hop on back on board!!
DSC04026 DSC04035  End of the line, at least for us. We had a wonderful day. DSC04040