2016-12-31 ZLSM

We spent the week covering New Year's Eve 2016/2017 in the very south of the Netherlands, in the Province of Zuid-Limburg. The ZLSM (Zuid-Limburg Steam Train Co) runs the most scenic museumline in the country, from Kerkrade to Valkenburg.
I booked for the last Christmas Express of this season on 31st December 2016.
DSC04590  The cold start of a beautiful day.. DSC04623 DSC04639  By noon we checked in at Simpelveld station. Motive power would be provided by the  Swedish 2-8-0 no 1040 . Built in 1910 as an 0-8-0 by Nohab in Sweden, it was reconstructed to a 2-8-0 in 1946. DSC04640
DSC04641 DSC04642 DSC04643  The inside motion. The engine has two cylinders between the frame plates. DSC04645
DSC04648 DSC04649 DSC04652  Quite some steam is leaking from the train heating, quite visible in the cold air. DSC04656
DSC04657 DSC04658 DSC04659 DSC04664
DSC04671 DSC04672 DSC04673 DSC04676
DSC04678 DSC04679 DSC04682 DSC04683
DSC04716 DSC04733  At Schin op Geul the train ventures from the private part of the museum railroad onto the mainline. But first a "for real" service train has to pass. DSC04734  The station building of Schin op Geul dates from 1913. DSC04737
DSC04748  A gorgeous ride through the Zuid-Limburg landscape DSC04753 DSC04761  Running round at Valkenburg DSC04773
DSC04821 DSC04823 DSC04831 DSC04838
DSC04843 DSC04852 DSC04862 DSC04878
DSC04885  The frosty weather makes for a dramatic steam shroud. DSC04916 DSC04920 DSC04930
DSC04942 DSC04964 DSC04969  Waiting for the ready DSC04977  Last preparations for the return to Simpelveld
DSC04981 DSC04991 DSC05000 DSC05014
DSC05033 DSC05063 DSC05106  Arrival at Simpelveld DSC05110
DSC05121 DSC05127 DSC00001 DSC00003
DSC00004 DSC00031