2016-09-28 01-10 in Braunschweig

On a business trip I passed Braunschweig Hbf. A 01.10 resides on a plinth on the station square.
In 2017 I made a night shoot of the same loco.
P1110876  When a passed on the way to my destination I could only shoot it from a distance P1110896  But on my return trip the next we had some time to spare. P1110897  This engine is absolutely impressive. With a design speed of 150 km/h the three cylinde motion will have its hands full. br01-10-200  As built the engines were provided with a streamline casing to reduce wind drag. They performed well but soon the necessities Second World War cut the high speed services short.
01-1102-am-12-09-09-SEH  One loco was later refitted with a replica casing during after preservation. P1110898  The original plans envisaged a need for 400 examples of the class. First orders for 204 were placed in 1939 but only 55 were actually built because of the war. P1110899  Problems with the steel used for the boilers caused the entire class to be put out of service by the end of the war. After 1949 all surviving loco's reentered service after removal of the streamline casing. In 1953 all loco's received a new boiler. 34 of the class were fitted with oil fueling. P1110900  The class saw service until 1975
P1110901  10 of the class have survived into preservianton. Only one, 01 1075 in the Netherlands, is currently (2016) in operational condition. 2016-04-14 08.24.03b  A shot of that one remaining operational example in Utrecht Netherlands. 14 April 2016, 01 1075 leading a train of SSN (Stoom Stiching Nederland) to Leipzig. P1110902 P1110903
P1110904  This example is oil fired. P1110905 P1110906 P1110907
P1110908  Sorry about the grin on my face but I really enjoyed this unexpected encounter.