In September 2016 I visited the Innotrans
international rail market trade show.
Although this was a business visit some of my photos
are suitable for hobby purposes.
Fairgrounds  The Innotrans is a bi-annual trade fair where over 3.000 exhibitors active in the European rail market and beyond display their products. The entire Berliner Messe is used for the Innotrans P1110559  China's high speed rail is developing at an incredible pace. Over 20.000 km of high speed rail have been built over the last 10-15 years. China now has more high speed rail kilometers than the rest of the world together. And the pace at which the high speed rail network expands is hardly abating. The Chinese clearly have the ambition to participate in the European market and made their presence on the Innotrans felt. P1110568  The new generation  high speed standard EMU "Golden Phoenix"  has a design speed of 350 km/h. The first high speed EMU's where directly derived from Siemens ICE and very much looked like ICE's but China is now clearly taking it own course. P1110570
P1110576  An impressive image of one of the control centres of the Chinese Railways. P1110560  Ultrasonic proofing station to detect cracks in wheels. P1110579  CRRC is China's major rolling stock producer and in terms of annual turnover it's  the world's largest. CRRC's stand was one of the largest on the Innotrans. China has clearly set an ambition to penetrate the European market and no doubt they are going to cause the established producers like Siemens, Bombardier and Alstom a real shake up. P1110584
P1110585  HXD1G Electric Locomotive, top speed 160 km/h, 11,200 kW. Wow P1110586  Both Chinese standardized high speed EMU's: the  Blue Dolphin  and the Golden Phoenix. Need I point out which is which? P1110587 P1110590  CRRC also offer maintenance services. This is a demo of their 3D maintenance instruction visualisation.
P1110591  CRRC is also a major car producer P1110592  Sorry for the bad lighting, the underfloor lights did not help to make a decent picture P1110593 P1110595  "Intelligent windows". Nothing intelligent about it, it is simply a transparant display, but ingenious nonetheless.
P1110599  Make your hotel reservation on the window of your train. P1110605  A mockup of the Aeroliner 3000, intended for the HS2 in the UK. More:  European Railway Review P1110601 P1110602
P1110606  Bombardier is stong as ever on the European market P1110607  The latest TRAXX design P1110609  Bombardier Zefiro high-speed passenger trains have a design speed varying between 250 km/h and 380 km/h. ( More information ) P1110608  A more modest design is this bread-and-butter EMU for deployment in the UK.
P1110610 P1110611 P1110704  And now the competitor Alstom, which did not have interesting models to show you P1110705  Some manufacturers are completely unknown, at least I was oblivious of their existence. Considering their bad English in their slogan, this might better stay this way.
P1110708  A Spanish manufacturer, less known but with a wide range of products, supplier to the new Sprinter trains (SNG) of the Dutch Railways by the end of 2017 SNG Impressie in Rotterdam  Soon in the Netherlands P1110709 P1110710
P1110716  There was a host of part manufacturers both OEM as well as after sales market players. P1110717  Roller bearing. I simply like the looks of them. P1110718  Power transmission line by Henschel P1110722  A bit of a combustion engine
P1110753  Voith had a relatively modest but nonetheless conspicuous stand. P1110754  Modern materials gradually find their way into the relatively conservative rail world: a carbon fiber reinforced plastic variant of the age old leaf spring. P1110757 P1110758
P1110765  Pesa is a Polish rolling stock manufacturer P1110766  Pesa produce head turning designs. They should however attract a better model builder. P1110767 P1110769
P1110771 P1110779  Siemens with a design for a high-speed capacity intercity train in the Gulf region.  More P1110787  A model demonstrating bridge building equipment P1110789
P1110790  The Hyperloop is a new initiative of a capsule travelling through a vacuum tube at ultra high speed.  More . Personally I don't think the idea will fly because the high speeds will require high safety margins between the pods. Although technically and maybe even economically feasible I don't think it will replace mass transport by train. Maybe it could an environmentally more friendly alternative for flying. P1110802  An elevated bus on rails that offers a drive under option, minimizing hindrance to others modes of transport. Nice idea. Again apart form the technical ingenuity I don't think we will see it very often in a practical application. Simply too cumbersome. But time will tell.  More P1110612  An MRCE X4E  "Vectron"  locomotive by Siemens P1110614  Forgot to note this one. Sorry.
P1110616  Stadler is very active in the tram and small regional train market. P1110620 P1110622  The E6ACTd "Dragon" by Newag, a rather unknown Polish player in the market. With a power output of 5000 KW their product is certainly worth noting. P1110623
P1110625  Contral tabe of the Dragon P1110626 P1110627  Not entirely new is this 744 class loco by CZ Loko, a Czech product. P1110628
P1110629  A Schalke MT-S-600-BE Multi System Service Locomotive powered by batteries especially developed for use on Vienna’s public transport system. ( More info ) P1110631  At long last: the Dutch Railways brand new SNG (Sprinter Next Generation) based on Stadler's FLIRT. Soon in service in the Netherlands. P1110634 P1110697
P1110698  The SNG sports Jakobs-bogies, supporting two car bodies.  Advantages: better stability, less noise, less maintenance, less weight (on bogie less, no separate couplers needed).  Disadvantage: breaking up and recombining of train sets is cumbersome, car body lengths are shorter (no overhang). P1110639  SNG's interior: open and light P1110641  Waste separation. I am doubtlful that this will work. The Dutch general public is, let's say, less disciplined than desirable. P1110642  The sliding doors of the first class compartment appear to have stained glass doors.
P1110636  Stadler's EC250 high speed EMU for the Swiss federal railways.  Top speed 250 km/h; length 200 m; capacity 400 passengers; costs appr. 31 million Euro per EMU. P1110643 P1110644 P1110645
P1110646  Skoda is one of the "smaller" manufacturers, Bombardier, Siemens and Alstom being the biggies. P1110650  The ED161 "Dart" by Pesa, the Polish manufacturer which has a knack to produce head turning designs. P1110651 P1110658  Another head turning Pesa product
P1110659 P1110652  Another Vectron by Siemens P1110653 P1110654  VR Group awarded Siemens a €300m contract in 2014 to supply 80 Vectrons. Data: 25kV AC 50Hz, 6,400 KW, mixed-traffic,  1524 mm broad gauge, max. 200km/h. 10 pre-series locomotives will enter service in 2017. Series production will begin in 2018 and the final locomotives are due to be delivered to Finland in 2026 (source:  IRJ )
P1110655  The ÖBB cityjet entered service in 2015 and is still in production. It will be introduced gradually in Vienna, Lower Austria, Upper Austria and Styria. Maximum speed: 160 km/h. Seats: 259 or 244. (Source:  ÖBB ) P1110656  The Class 707 is an EMU being built by Siemens for South West Trains. A total of 150 vehicles will be built, formed into 30 five-car units, and are being built to provide initially for 18,000 additional peak-time passengers into London Waterloo, with a further 6,000 additional passengers capable of being accommodated on completion of associated infrastructure improvements (Source:  Wikipedia ) P1110657 P1110660  Thier was also a lot of rail related equipment on display, but I had very little time to spare so I only moved along quickly.
P1110662 P1110667  And this is a nice surprise P1110673 P1110675
P1110677 P1110678 P1110680 P1110681
P1110685 P1110686 P1110687 P1110688
P1110689 P1110690 P1110691 P1110693  Turkish Railways. Do they exist?
P1110694  Yes they do and are very much alive and kicking, developing a high speed network, based on Siemens ICE. P1110695 P1110702  An overview of the very crowded outdoor display area. The weather was gorgeous for the second half of September: dry and sunny weather with temperatures just over 20C. From here on I turned to my business goals again so this ends the hobby display of what I saw.