2016-09-14 Arnhem

The station of Arnhem was completely rebuilt and opened in 2015. Architectonically the new station building attracts a lot of attention and I decided to go and have a look for myself.
DSC02308  Travelling via Utrecht I chanced upon de IC-E international train to Frankfurt, Gemany. In the Netherlands it trundles along at the local maximum speed, 135 kmh, never reaching its full potential as no special high speed line is laid for it. DSC02311  It weaves through the newly laid sweeping curves DSC02317 DSC02319  Arnhem
DSC02424  Though later in the day I will open this report with a shot of the station building's facade. The building became instantly famous for its soft almost sensual curves. Artist impression  An overview (source  Archinect.com ) DSC02432  The curved roof Aerial  An aerial (source  gebouwvanhetjaar.nl )
DSC02384  The curved form of the central pillar on the station hall is a source of endless viewing points and perspectives. DSC02386b DSC02391b DSC02394b
DSC02399 DSC02402 DSC02414 DSC02417  A view down in the basement which houses a bike park
DSC02420 DSC02389b DSC02388 DSC02474
DSC02477 DSC02382b  The main hall, right the access to the train platforms DSC02379 DSC02376
DSC02368 DSC02378 DSC02330 DSC02327  Outside the platform's canopies are somewhat more subdued and more functional in form but certainly very attractive.
DSC02328 DSC02329 DSC02331 DSC02333  Benches are cleverly incorporated in the functional joint of the support columns
DSC02362 DSC02334 DSC02341b DSC02343
DSC02344 DSC02345 DSC02346  The traversing footbridge at the other end of the station DSC02347
DSC02348 DSC02350 DSC02351  Guess what? DSC02352
DSC02354  Touching the overhead wire is mortally dangerous DSC02355 DSC02357 DSC02361
DSC02365 DSC02381 DSC02421  The station square accomodates the bus station for local busses. The electrically powered buses are a remote remainder of the former tram network Arnhem had. When the tram was abandoned in favour of buses the overhead lines were converted. DSC02427  Pretty bus-y at the station
DSC02444 DSC02449b DSC02437  Access to the bike park DSC02439  Time to say goodbye
DSC02479  I took this train home routing me via Elst - Tiel - Geldermalsen instead of via Utrecht - Geldermalsen