2016-03-11 Ontraxs

DSC06326  Ontraxs is the yearly event by the Dutch Railway Museum in Utrecht which aims at getting high quality layouts from all over Europe together.Over twenty layouts are on show so it is impossible to put them all on record. I picked out a few which I liked in particular. A completely biased choice of course. DSC06147b  An overview of the main hall with many dioramas on display.jpg DSC06148  From the same standpoint a view in the other direction 2016-03-11 Ontraxs
DSC06150  The layout is basically an S-curve ... DSC06155  ... with the bridge as the centre piece of the diorama DSC06153  Personally I could find the diorama typcially South Africa DSC06154
DSC06156 DSC06157 DSC06158 DSC06160
DSC06162 DSC06164 DSC06168 DSC06171
DSC06172 DSC06167  Only the occasionally passing train gave a clue about the location DSC06170  All in all a good diorama. Still I was a bit disappointed, I had hoped for one of South Africa's magnificent steam locomotives maybe even a Garratt Title Worlds End  The Worls End is a layout rather than a diorama, centred around Knaresbotrough Station and its bridge
DSC06194  The Station Road (front) and Hill Lane (back) with the station in between is instantly recognizable id you look it up on Google street view Knaresborough Maps  A Google street view from the real thing. DSC06184 DSC06176  The layout offer many see-throughs which makes a facinating layout to look and look again.
DSC06177 DSC06178 DSC06181 DSC06185
DSC06189  The bridge over the river Nidd DSC06190 DSC06196  The namesake pub DSC06198
DSC06200  This is not a particularly good photo, but I left this in to demonstrate how daft it looks when the backdrop is kept too low. I appreciate that the operators want to enjoy the layout and need to oversee the running of the trains. As a consequence they the operators stayed behind their imaginary defence line. But really, it looks stupid, please make the backdrops higher and have some members in the front to oversee the operations and talk to members of the public. DSC06202  Neiter can you easily get a low perspective view DSC06209 DSC06204  The nearby castle was scene of some real life role playing
DSC06205 DSC06208 DSC06210 DSC06211
DSC06214 Title Polish Layout DSC06219  A meticulously detailed polish steam locomotive. See the hair thin grease pump lines. DSC06221
DSC06223  The layout depict a polish country station with transit from standard to narrow gauge DSC06224 DSC06225 DSC06227  A corn train approaching the station
DSC06228 DSC06229  A reminiscence of a world at war DSC06231 DSC06233
DSC06234 DSC06235 Title Tripton DSC06236  Tripton by the sea, by Ton Trip, what's in a name, is a gorgeous English layout. A must see for every show.
DSC06238 DSC06244 DSC06246 DSC06247
DSC06253  A well detailed steam railway crane DSC06245 DSC06248 Title Red Hook Bay
DSC06255  Red Hook Bay as bsed on an Amercan them. A small layout, just a tad bigger than a sizeable diorama, but crowded with detail. I heard some people commenting that it was overcrowded. I think not. The harbour area it depicts is overcrowded, and that air of business is conveyed well. DSC06256  And despite the crowdiness the was a splendid amount of detail to be found DSC06257 DSC06260
DSC06262 DSC06265  It took some trouble to get to the railway activity. Very purposefully the railway activity was only a part of the display, a keynote maybe but not the focus point, the centre of the world. DSC06267 DSC06269
DSC06273 DSC06277 SandSRR DSC06294  A gorgeous American layout
DSC06295 DSC06296 DSC06297  Look at the crashed steam locomotive in the gorge below. DSC06299
DSC06301 DSC06302 DSC06306  What's that ape? DSC06309
DSC06310 DSC06311 DSC06312 DSC06313
DSC06315 DSC06317 DSC06318 DSC06319
DSC06321 DSC06322