2016 Linke Hofmann Busch Museum

LHB is a renowned manufacturer of railway traction and rolling stock. A small private museum exists on the premises of the Alstom plant in Salzgitter. A meeting at Alstom allowed me a short visit. Maybe future opportunities will arise. If so I will gradually expand this report.
P1110998  The Prussian P8 has always been in my heart. From the first moment I became aware of German steam classes the Baureihe 38, or P8 by its original Prussion designation, sprang out for its modest, functional yet graceful design. Being a class of almost 4,000 members it also had a serious impact on the traction landscape. At the tender age of sixteen I bought a book on the class bei Karl Julius Harder. It survived all storms of puberty, young adulthood and family life and now proudly resides in my book collection as one of the few youth items I managed to retain. P1110980  Meeting a P8 has a been dream since I bought this book. The last member of the class was taken out of service in December 1974, just months before my purchase so it is likely that this fact may well be the reason I bought this book. So seeing one in revenue earning service was no longer possible. Meeting one of the 15 remaining examples never happened. Until today... P1110984  Tada! 41 years the dream to meet a P8 lingered and has now been fulfilled IMG 1261b
P1110987  The characteristic "gap" between the second and third coupler axle allows for a more spacious firebox. P1110988 P1110989 P1110990
P1110991 P1110993 P1110994  Time restraints allowed us only a quick look at the 39 and other exhibits. P1110981
P1110982 P1110983