2015-09-28 Harz - Brockenbahn

During our 2015 visit to the Harz, Gemany, I travelled all three constituent lines of the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen. This album covers our journey on the Brockenbahn. Centrepiece of the story is of course our journey on the railway itself om Monday 28 September. I made photos of the same line on various other days and I added them to this album.
Map Harzer Schmalspurbahnen  The  Brockenbahn , indicated in green on this map, is the stretch of railway that is most popular among tourists as it takes you up its namesake mountain, with 1141 meters the tallest of North Germany. On clear days the view is several dozens of kilometres over surrounding countryside. The line starts at Drei Annen Hohne where it connects to the  Harzquerbahn . Most trains however start at Wernigerode and run over the first stretch of the Harzquerbahn to Drei Annen Hohne and then switch to the Brockenbahn offering at total ride of 33 kilometres with a climb from 184 m in Wernigerode to 1125 m on the Brocken. DSC02210  We had a holiday home,  "Luise" , in Wernigerode, not by coincidence only a ten minutes walk away from the station. Ideal for real steam addicts. Passing the footbridge over the railway lines you get this first glimpse of the depot. DSC03558  The day started with a glorious autumn sunshine. We first bought our tickets of course.    If you travel to the Brocken consider this offer   A normal return ticket to the Brocken costst €37 pp (2015). If you buy the  Brocken Card  however, it will cost you €47 pp (2015) and it will allow you one return to the Brocken and another return trip of your choice on another day and on any other section of the HSB than the Brocken railway. I bought this Brocken Card, because I also wanted to ride the steam hauled return trip from Nordhausen to Drei Annen Hohne, of which I have a separate album. DSC03559  We had the first train of the day, 08:55, which meant: rise early.
DSC03560  Even the loco's seemed to be yawning in the crisp morning light DSC03562  Getting some attention DSC03563  Cranking some fresh grease into the air pump before starting her up after a night's rest DSC03571  Checking the sand supply
DSC03569  The sun playing on the first three wheels sets DSC03570  and almost on both rear wheel sets DSC03575 DSC03576
DSC03580 DSC03582 DSC03573  Meanwhile our engine for the day (as it turned out later) was being readied DSC03586
DSC03589 DSC03591 DSC03592 DSC03596
DSC03597 DSC03600 DSC03603 DSC03614
DSC03619  241 taking her first drink of the day Brocken YouTube  01 DSC03622  236 backing up to her train DSC03625
2015-09-28 Brocken 02  Pulling out of Wernigerode DSC03634  Passing Wernigerode Workshops DSC03647  Two standard gauge cars on narrow gauge "conversion cars". DSC03649  Wernigerode Wester or (West Gate)
2015-09-28 Brocken 03 DSC03652  After Western Tor the train passes through Hasserode, an idyllic part of the town DSC03654 DSC03655  On our way through Hasserode there were frequent stops. This one at a high school
DSC03656  The train meanders its way through twon, frequently using its low melancholically howling whistle to warn taffic on the overpasses. 2015-09-28 Brocken 04 DSC02048  The first station outside Wernigerode is Steinerne Renne DSC02051  We visited the station a few days earllier while on a walk and chanced upaon a passing train toe the Brocken which incidentally was hauled by the very same locomotive we had in front of our train today. So if had been on the platform our entrance into the station could have looked like this.
DSC02057 DSC02060 DSC02065 DSC02070  O wow.
DSC02072 2015-09-28 Brocken 05 SR DSC02077 DSC03663  After Wernigerode-Hasserode station the train bends away nort towards the valley of the Holtemme
DSC02161  Running between Steinerne Renne and Drei Annen Hohne 2015-09-28 Brocken 05 DSC03664  Drei Annen Hohne DSC03669  and gets some refreshments
DSC03673  Waiting for the "go" DSC03676  Go! DSC03681  Belching a huge cloud the engine braces itself for the steep climb to Schierke DSC03692
DSC03695  Left the track of the Harzquerbahn in the direction of Nordhausen, right the track of the Brockenbahn towards, errrm well, the Brocken ;-) DSC03705  Schierke is not much of a station. It was originally envisaged as important impulse to the upswing of tourism for the town put this never really materialised. The station now mainly serves as a passing loop to cross the down trains. DSC03707 DSC03708  And away we are into the woods
DSC03709  Sometimes the densely populated woods open up giving a glorious view DSC03717 DSC03718 DSC03720
DSC03765  The sun pierces through the steam clouds billowing through the trees DSC03776  The valley in the distance are still shrouded in the morning mist DSC03784  Gradually the train reaches the end of the tree zone which is at 900 metres. That is exceptionally low, the Alps' tree line lies at around 1600-1800 metres. But the climate in the Harz is harsh. DSC03790  A first glimpse of the Brocken
Aerial  The train now enters an impressive one and a half counter clockwise turn to reach the top. DSC03802  Granting you an ever expanding view of the surrounding countryside DSC03808  In the "big turn" DSC03815  The summit in view
2015-09-28 Brocken 06 DSC03825  View from the summit's station DSC03828 DSC03831
DSC03834 DSC03843 DSC03854  View to Wernigerode DSC03861  A nearly 180 degrees view to the north
DSC03879 DSC03887 DSC03902 DSC03924
DSC03939  The 241 with her down train exiting the one and a half turn (now clockwise of course) 2015-09-28 Brocken 07 DSC03956  After having spent a few glorious hours we slowly returned to the summit station. DSC03960  236 the same loco that brought is up is now entering the summit station after having brought up its second train this day.
DSC03964  So the same loco that brought us up is going to take is down. DSC03974  Running round for the return trip. The train was loaded to full capacity so to keep a seat I had to sit on it. Consequently I was not out and about to make photos of 236 DSC04010  Back in Drei Annen Hohne, I found the loco of another up train being resupplied with water. DSC04011b  Personally I fancy the 222's front appearance more than the regular appeance of the class, due to the absence of the ugly square feedwater heater
DSC04016 DSC04028 DSC04031  Off she goes to the Brocken DSC04039  and we go down to Wernigerode, here in the horse shoe curve immediately below  Steinerne Renne
DSC04043 DSC04046 DSC04051  Passing through Wernigerode again DSC04054
DSC04056  The pedestrian seems to be completely oblivious of the train despite its clearly audible whistle (the "P" is for "Pfeiffen" = Whistle) DSC04057 DSC04062  Entering Wernogerode Westerntor DSC04079  The final curve before Wernigerode Hauptbahnhof, passing under the footbridge
DSC04088  Slowing down, the last metres. DSC04100  When we walked home and crossed the footbridge I could capture our loco at the coaling stage DSC04671  To conclude this photo report a shot of 222 basking in the setting autumn sun on 30 September in Drei Annen Hohne DSC04691  and a final shot of the Brocken