2015-09-25 Wernigerode by night

During our 2015 visit to the Harz, Gemany, I visited the depot of the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen in Wernigerode around dusk on two separate occasions. I have combined the results of both photo shoots in this album.
DSC02816  My first photos where made in the fading light of Friday, Sep 25th.  Two Brocken locos simmer quietly before their shed DSC02817 DSC02825 DSC02823
Aerial  Before proceeding with more photo let's first take a look at the standard procedure. 1. A train arrives from the Brocken via Western Tor, where the line's main maintenance depot is. 2. It moves to the final destination, passengers disembark. 3. The train reverses empty and the passenger coaches are stabled for the night in a separate shed about a kilometre away 4. The loco returns light engine to the coal stage 5. The fire is cleaned on the ash pit and a few metres further the engine is inspected and greased 6. Finally it is stabled on one of the tracks surrounding the turntable DSC02819  Loco 247 of the 18:45 from the Brocken has just been topped up and is now turned to be put to rest. DSC02826  The 19:30 from the Brocken arrives DSC02827  while 247 dozes off.
DSC02832  The sky darkens and assumes that characteristic shade of blue that I was looking for. DSC02834 DSC02835 DSC02836
DSC02839 DSC02840 DSC02841 DSC02845  Just twenty minutes later the sky has blacked out. 222 returns from the coach shed for recoaling
DSC02848  and pulls away to the ash pit DSC02849  to have her fire cleaned and prepared for the night DSC02851  Steam, fire and light are ingredients for an ever changing display DSC02855
DSC02857 DSC02859 DSC02867  Finally she is turned DSC02869  to her spur for the night
DSC02873 DSC02876b  240 has brought in the final train of the day and joins her sisters while being inspected DSC02881b DSC02884  240 makes her final move of the day
DSC02865 DSC02886 DSC02863 DSC02889
DSC03497  Two days later I payed another visit at dusk and was able to capture 222's profile against the darkening blue sky DSC03500 DSC03503  5901 had returned from a special earlier this day and was now stabled to cool down DSC03507  Over the ash pit
DSC03509 DSC03510 DSC03511  247 ready to take the empty stock of coaches to the coach shed. Normally the engine simply reverses and pushes the stock back to the shed. Why the engine now ran round to the head of the train was not clear to me. I wasn't too sad about my ignorance as it gave me the opportunity to make this glorious shot. DSC03512  Off for the coach shed
DSC03514  241 was already fast asleep DSC03521  247 has returned from the coach shed DSC03526 DSC03529
DSC03534  Ash being shovelled out of the smokebox DSC03536  Mallet 5901 gleaming in the lamp light DSC03539 DSC03541  Good night ladies, sleep tight