2014-06-18 Class 25 SAR

South African locomotives are rare in Europe. No! Really? No kidding!

So when you read "Railways Restored 2013" and stumble over a picture of an 25NC, well, that gets your attention. As it turns out that particular locomotive was donated to the UK and ended up in the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. As I was in the area I decided to visit that BRC and dedicate some time to awing at the gigantic Class 25, a class that always captured my imagination.
DSC01101b1 DSC01127b DSC01101b2 DSC01117  From the front I worked my way backwards (but also tried to avoid changing lenses all the time, so the photo numers or not quite the original order)
DSC01187b2 DSC01182  Driver wheels 1530 mm DSC01181  Top speed 90 km/h DSC01145  Weight 244 tons in working order
DSC01112  and then have to guts to give her the dainty name of Janice! DSC01110 DSC01115  This loco is massive DSC01111
DSC01113 DSC01114 DSC01108 DSC01129b
DSC01128b DSC01116 DSC01094 DSC01093
DSC01092 DSC01151 DSC01150 DSC01119
DSC01149 DSC01088 DSC01121 DSC01122
DSC01090 DSC01147 DSC01123 DSC01124
DSC01087  Unfortunately the boiler cladding was absent DSC01095 DSC01185 DSC01118
DSC01130 DSC01097 DSC01184 DSC01104
DSC01125  The front of the fire box DSC01098  The fire box is supported by a four wheel truck. Following the US super power principles the truck is as low as possible and with outside bearing thus maximizing the firebox and grate size. DSC01099 DSC01100  And the fire bix is really HUGE!
DSC01103 DSC01126 DSC01183 DSC01132
DSC01131 DSC01133 DSC01107 DSC01136
DSC01137 DSC01138  The grate  from the underside. The lever rocks the grate allowing the fine burnt out ashes to fall through into the ash pan. DSC01143  And now from the locomotive... DSC01144  .... to the tender
DSC01135  The tender is detached from the locomotive. The resulting gap allows a view on the couplingsand the stoker DSC01142  The baffle plates in the tender DSC01106 DSC01153  Even the tender trucks are impressive. Clearly visible the cast frames
DSC01155 DSC01156 DSC01234 DSC01235  And finally the mandatory shots, the little Finch and the bg South African
DSC01236b DSC01237b DSC01240 DSC01242b