2014-04-01 To Sinsheim

I needed to go Sinsheim Germany in April 2014 for business. By train of course. Some shots from a most agreeable journey.
P1090051  I spent the morning in the office. When I took to the platform, just minutes away from my workplace, I was in for unpleasant surprise. The pre-announcement of my train, lower line on the screen, spelled doom over my journey. Twenty minutes delay for starters is a lot. I needed to change trains in Düsseldorf with still time to spare. And armed with a German railplanner app, I would not be at a loss if I would miss a train connection. So I did not worry about it. P1090052 P1090053  Bye bye, sandbox Utrecht. The main station of Utrecht is under  serious reconstruction . P1090054  The ICE is not a cosy train but rather a sleek, high perfomance luxury travel lounge.
P1090055  Ahot through the galss pane, the only one I could make as the driver blinded it only seconds after I took my first photo P1090057  On arrival in Düsseldorf most of the twenty minutes delay had evaporated. P1090059 P1090061
P1090066  Mirroring myself in a departing ICE P1090065  My next ICe also started with a substantial delay P1090062  All heads up!  Having ample time before the arrival of my connection to Mannheim I grabbed my camera to make an impression of Düsseldorf as far as my luggage allowed my. P1090063
P1090064  Everybody staring in his cellphone, our latest modern day addiction. P1090068  A maintenance of way vehicle, built for catenary inspection. Its still has its old DB red colours. Most MoW have by now been converted to yellow. P1090069 P1090070  An ex DDR locomotive
P1090071 P1090072 P1090074  No, not my ICE but impressive nonetheless. P1090076  Very old stock from the fifties, still in operational condition. Laugh at it if you like, but €19 for a single trip from Hamburg to Frankfurt is a bargain.
P1090077  Well, at last there's my ICE to Mannheim P1090079  Despite the renewed delay I got to Mannheim in time. I hurried to platform 7 wheer my connection to Heidelberg should sit. I saw a train, but the platform signs indicated another destination. And while puzzling about that I saw the train split and one half leave the station. My half! There were two trains on the platform and as they stood almost coupler to coupler I failed to see that. Well, no harm doen. The miracle of today's communication devices, my mobile phone, told me a next train would be due in no time. P1090080  So twenty minutes later I was off to Heidelberg P1090081  An old diesel from the fifties, once the steam killer, now wasting its last days as a MoW power soruce
P1090082 P1090083  A coach body from the thirties spending its pension as a crew shed. P1090084  From Heidelberg to Sinsheim the railway meanders through very scenic Neckar valley. P1090087
P1090092  The first trees are blooming P1090093 P1090094  - P1090095
P1090096  - P1090097  - P1090098  - P1090100  At dusk I arrived in good spirits in Sinsheim. Temperature: 18C in the evening. At April 1st! No joke!
P1090102  Sinsheim is a nice town with some historic buildings. P1090103  Before long I arrives at my hotel, this photo was taken later that night. When I arrived it was still light P1090104  - DSC00781b