2014-03-07 Ontraxs 2014

I attented the yearly model railroad show at the Dutch railway Museum. This time not as a visitor but as a volunteer in the children's corner.
DSC00321  An overview of the "grand" errrm ... hut. DSC00381  A friend of mine persuaded me into joining a volunteers team assisting children in mastering the skills of building structure kits. So most of my time I was occupied there. Occasionally there was a childrens ebb, allowing me to see some of the show DSC00375 DSC00390  Strengthening the father-daugther bond
DSC00395 DSC00399  Very serious work. DSC00323b  Willemspoor is de first Dutch broad gauge layout I have ever seen. And wow what a good one. DSC00324b  The first railway line between Haarlem and Amsterdam was opened in 1839 (yep 175 years this year). The temporary Amsterdam station was replaced by a permanent solution a few years later: the Willemspoort station
DSC00338 DSC00339b DSC00326bb DSC00327bb  Travelling in those days was for the more wealthy folk. First they were the one who could afford it but second why on earth would a simple workman want to travel such enormous distances?
DSC00328b DSC00329  Being dropped off by your carriage is no more than fitting of course. DSC00330 DSC00331
DSC00332 DSC00325b  The first railways were laid in broad gauge, 1945 mm, in the assumption that this was the finest of this new techmology. In the founder's years that was no problem but as railways took hold in Europe and 1435mm gauge gradually turned out to be the winner in the battle for standard gauge the Dutch broad gauge proved more and more of a problem. Construction of new broad gauge railways ceased in 1847. By 1866 all broad gauge railways had been converted to standard gauge. DSC00336  De Arend was the locomotive to pull the opening train of the first railway in the Netherlands. DSC00337b
DSC00340b DSC00333b  The Pegasus by Robert Stephenson in 1844. It lasted until 1866 and was not re-gauged. DSC00358b DSC00359b
DSC00360b DSC00362b DSC00343  I found this layout in On30 very intriguing DSC00344b
DSC00349 DSC00345b DSC00353b DSC00347bb
DSC00348b  The famous scene with the accompanying music in the background DSC00351b DSC00352 DSC00346b
DSC00354b DSC00355b DSC00356b DSC00350b
DSC00363  To conclude my personal selection of beautiful layouts a few shots from Gert Arkema's delightful "Rhenen" DSC00372b DSC00366 DSC00367
DSC00369 DSC00373b 1 DSC00999  I bought this driving axle as a souvenir, simply because it was beautiful. I know my selection of layouts is very limited. Ontraxs offers infinitely more than the few I could show you, but I simply did not have the time to do more. I especially regret not having seen Marcel Ackle's newest creation, but people were queueing there. Guess why ;-)