2013-09-28 Smalspoordagen

The National Narrow Gauge Museum organises a yearly narrow gauge model railroad show. I attended the 2013 edition.
DSC01205B1 DSC01199  The ship is built from cardboard from an original drawing DSC01202 DSC01203
DSC01204  The three way point is a piece of flextrack that is simply operated by a rod (disappearing in the foreground). Simple and robust. DSC01226 DSC01229  Some Magic Train locomotives have been converted to tramway style engines. The modelling may be crude but the overall impression of the layout is great. DSC01206  Unloaded locomotives disappear in this shed for storage. Once all locomotives are unloaded an appropriate pause is observed and then the locomotives are reloaded onto the ship. During the show this cycle is repeated over and over again. Simple but it never fails to capture attention.
DSC01207  Part of the attractiveness of the layout is the abundance of figures, be it human or animal, and detail. DSC01209 DSC01210  Only for the close observer: over a 150 animals populate the layout DSC01213
DSC01217 DSC01218 DSC01230b  Herbert's Crossing, in On3 by René Paul, is centered around the operation of the three most known (and built) geared locomotives: Shay, Climax and Heisler DSC01231
DSC01418 DSC01253 DSC01260 DSC01255
DSC01237 DSC01258 DSC01248 DSC01239
DSC01413 DSC01242 DSC01246 DSC01417
DSC01240 DSC01252 DSC01241 DSC01238
DSC01259 DSC01251  This layout is also rich in detail. Here a group is struggling to move a fallen tree out of the way. DSC01415 DSC01262
DSC01412 DSC01414 DSC01416 DSC01263b
DSC01266b DSC01420 DSC01425 DSC01427
DSC01271  This Mudhen (K-27) also made an appearance on this layout. The motion of the four cranks is always fascinating. DSC01272 DSC01428 DSC01276b  A Swiss themed layout
DSC01273 DSC01274 DSC01275 DSC01278
DSC01419b DSC01403 DSC01404 DSC01405
DSC01406 DSC01407 DSC01408 DSC01410
DSC01431b DSC01430  The whole scene in one shot. DSC01439  Center piece of the diorama is this Me 110 (correct?) equipped with the then crude radar antennae for night reconnaissance DSC01436
DSC01452b  The Fleischmann Magic train based Heeresfeldbahn kept running in circles without pause or purpose. DSC01442  The middle soldier on the first car is obviously sick of it. DSC01447 DSC01451  By this time the staff had the left engine running
DSC01440 DSC01460 DSC01432 DSC01433
DSC01434 DSC01435 DSC01461 DSC01437
DSC01438 DSC01458 Outside - diesel shed  Having seen the layouts we couldn't resist going outside as the weather was glorious. DSC01281  The recently new built engine shed for the large collection of mini diesel engines. These tiny engines mainly served contractors on building and digging sites until the seventies.
DSC01279  A hand winched transfer table provided muchfun for this juvenile who was bearing his responsibilities with utmost seriousness. DSC01280 DSC01282b DSC01283
DSC01284 DSC01294 DSC01287 DSC01288
DSC01289 DSC01290 DSC01291 DSC01292
DSC01293 DSC01295  This UK built example show its hard working life. DSC01296 DSC01297
DSC01298 DSC01299b DSC01300 DSC01301
Outside - steam shed DSC01399b DSC01395b  I have never seen this shed before so I presume this one was also recently built. A panoramic overview from the entrance (hurrah for the modern photographic options in my new camera). The Narrow Gauge Museum owns no les than 18 steam locomotives. DSC01393
DSC01361  No50, built in 1936 by Orenstein & Koppel. In terms of industry steam this is a muscle car: 160hp is a whole lot DSC01367  This 1910 Maffei engine might do with a few repairs. It looks terrible but I glanced along the loco and found it was mostly the sheet metal work that was in bad condition. Assuming the museum also has the drive and valve gear rods in store this engine is not lost. DSC01368 DSC01369
DSC01370 DSC01372b DSC01373 DSC01374
DSC01376 DSC01378 DSC01380 DSC01383
DSC01385 DSC01386 DSC01387 DSC01392
DSC01391 Outside - trains DSC01400b DSC01401
DSC01402 DSC01397 DSC01398 DSC01366
DSC01325 DSC01311 DSC01302 DSC01306
DSC01310 DSC01308 DSC01317 DSC01304  I like to photgraph details of steam locomotives just for the sake of it. The play of the sunlight captivates me.
DSC01307 DSC01309 DSC01312 DSC01313
DSC01314 DSC01316 DSC01318 DSC01322
DSC01323 DSC01324 DSC01327 DSC01329
DSC01331 DSC01333 DSC01336 DSC01339  Though relatively simple in construction and equipment this side of the loco shows enough details to be a modeler's nightmare.
DSC01337 DSC01338 DSC01340b DSC01341
DSC01342 DSC01345 DSC01360