2013-04-16 Sporen naar het front

I visited the Tracks to the Front exhibition at the National Railwaymseum in Utrecht with a colleague/friend
P1070177  A fake Schienenwolf adorns the square in front of the muzeum. Guess what a Schienenwolf does! P1070256  An overview of the exhibition hall. Space is at a premium, I still don't know why the museum  clung this location when the reconstruction was due, so the exhibits where close together P1070187  A WWI petrol locomotive dating from appr 1915. P1070188  An infirmerie car
P1070190  A Class 52 WWII war lcomotive. It is de Liberty ship of the rails: the German simply tried outbuild the losses on the eastern front. Over 5000 were built, many of them only after cessation of hostilities from remaining parts stock. Built to last only for the duration of the war these engines soon neede dire repairs. Most countries soon brought them to the scrap yard. A few however opted for a reconstruction and upgrade turning them into extremely useful, versatile and economic motive power. They survived in large numbers the former German Democratic Republic P1070193  The air pump is presumably a later addition P1070194  This particular loco is owned by a Dutch Museum Railway P1070199  All welded self carrying superstructure, fast and material saving construction.
P1070203 P1070204 P1070228 P1070258
P1070195  Onather war baby: english austerity engine. P1070196  Later sold to the Dutch railways. P1070198 P1070200  Again a WD loco
P1070201 P1070202 P1070191 P1070206
P1070211 P1070212 P1070207  A armoured train. Though prettu convincing the whole thing is a fake. Just some cars with a few welded metal sheet. Clearly this one never would served any purpose in warfare P1070208
P1070209 P1070210 P1070213 P1070216
P1070215  A model of the locomotive of the German armoured train that was deraild at Mill in the May 1940 P1070218 P1070220 P1070222
P1070219 P1070225  WW1 gear on transport P1070300 P1070269
P1070270 P1070226  A gate to stop enemy trains from passing. I wouldn't like to be on that train if the driver were be unable to stop in time. P1070227 P1070264
P1070230  Now what? P1070224  errrm it is.... P1070229  it is huge!! P1070231  18" cilber gun, the largest rail gun in existanece (not the largest built)
P1070232 P1070236 P1070237 P1070238
P1070239 P1070243 P1070246 P1070247
P1070248 P1070249 P1070251 18-inch BL Mk I Howitzer on Railway Proof Sleigh mounting 1 (Large)  Little Vink before a bigga gun
18-inch BL Mk I Howitzer on Railway Proof Sleigh mounting 3 (Large)  Little Vink before a bigga gun P1070253 P1070254 P1070255
P1070263 P1070240 P1070233  This is a real Schienenwolf albeit for narrow gauge P1070234
P1070241  Still no idea what it does? schienenwolf WMV V9 P1070266 P1070268
P1070271  This was the largest railway gun ever: Dora and Gustav. Two were built.  A shell would penetrate 5 meters of concrete and range up to 50 km. It neede 2,500 men to operate the thing. Dora never fired a shot for real, and Gustav was used in the siege of Sebastopol. After having fired 48 rounds the barrel was worn and withdrawn. Both guns were destroyed in 1945. P1070272 P1070273 P1070275
P1070276  The 1:8 model gives a good impression of the sheer size of the gun and the soldiers give a good idea of the operation. As you can see the gun had its own narrow gauge railway to move the shells. P1070281 P1070283 P1070284
P1070285 P1070286 P1070287 P1070289
P1070290 P1070291 P1070292 P1070293
P1070295 P1070296  Behind Michel a shell of Gustav P1070297