2012-10-20 Eurospoor 2012

P1060066  Some images from a city layout, crowded, busy noisy city. Well done.   Rheinberger Straßenbahn Betriebe. P1060067  As people were thronging in front of this layout to see all the business it was hard to get some decent shots. P1060068 P1060070
P1060072  Station Leiden (NL) in 1:160 (2mm/ft). What a work! P1060073  A layout from which I forgot to note the name. Sorry, because it was well worth taking a good look. A French themed 1:160 layout, more built for the atmosphere than for technical accuracy. P1060074 P1060075  As said "more for atmoshpere than technical accuracy". And very well done at that!! It was more an impressionistic 3D painting than anything else.
P1060076 P1060077 P1060078 P1060079  A cute diorama was "Uden". Take a look at a  detailed description in Dutch .
P1060080  A "Blauwe Brabander", the first six-coupler in passengerservice in the Netherlands (later NS3500,  Dutch wiki article ,  or in Google English ). P1060083  A striking beauty P1060084 P1060085   Read more...
P1060086  Stunningly detailed signal box P1060087 P1060088  Awesome perspective!! P1060090
P1060091 P1060092 P1060093 P1060094
P1060095 P1060096 P1060097 P1060098
P1060099  The Brusio spiral on a Swiss inspired narrow gauge layout of the  Vereniging Spoorgroep Zwitserland  (in English!) P1060100 P1060102 P1060103
P1060104 P1060105  This loco carries the image of the route between Bergün and Preda. No joke, it really twists that way!! P1060106 P1060107  Westcliff
P1060108  Westcliff as again an amzing display of what can be done on a relatively small space P1060109 P1060110 P1060111
P1060112 P1060114 P1060115 P1060117
P1060118 P1060119 P1060120 P1060123
P1060124 P1060125 P1060127