2012-03-29 Shooting in Amsterdam

I accidentally ended up in Amsterdam Central Station, always good for some photo shots.
Nederland  I habitually travel to Haarlem for work (yellow route northwards). Today however my route was disrupted by malfunctioning points at Delft. So I took the Fyra from Rotterdam to Amsterdam to take a normal train back to Haarlem (red route). Once in Amsterdam I could not resist taking a few photos. P1010312 P1010318 P1010307  NS (Dutch Railways) sponsors the Olympics, this VIRM class double deck trainset is one of the omlypic trains.
P1010311 P1010309  IC-E high speed train (300 km/h) at the service platforms, waiting for its next run to Basel, Switzerland. P1010308  Tha station's canopy, one of four actually and the second largest. The tracks on the right are being relayed. The station is being reconstructed to accomodate the ever growing passenger numbers. Amsterdam Central Station is busier than Amsterdam International Aitport (commonly known as Schiphol) with appr. 250,000 passengers per day, that is a stunning 87 million per year (Schiphol: 44 million) P1010313  Reconstruction work under the canopy.
P1010314 P1010315 P1010316 P1010317
P1010320 P1010321  A tool and support car fitted with rail adaptors. P1010322 P1010324
P1010325 P1010326 P1010327 P1010328
P1010329  The other side of the canopy P1010330  The first canopy, the biggest, a beautifully riveted construction P1010331  The ICE I saw earlier, departing Amsterdam for Basel P1010333
P1010335 P1010336 P1010339 P1010340  The royal waiting room
P1010343 P1010346  Guilded detail P1010350 P1010353  Inside the great hall
P1010354  Later that day I travelled to Utrecht, passing Amsterdam CS once more and caught this ICE P1010356