2012 Winter

P1000951b  The bus station at Utrecht Central's square. This photo is taken directly from my workplace.     Take a look with Google Maps P1000952  From the same spot, towards the other HQ buildings, barely 300 meters away. P1000953b 2  On the other side of our office building, view towards the north west exit of the station area P1000954  a closer look
P1000955 P1000956b  On platform no 8 P1000961  ICm forzen solid. Minus 5 C. P1000962
P1000964  VIRM leaving for Rotterdam, one of last, an hour later the traffic around Utrecht collapsed due to frozen points P1000968 P1000970 P1000967b  ICm for Amersfoort whirls it snow burden of its roof
P1000973 P1000974b P1000975b P1000976b
P1000977 P1000979  One of the problems of the ICM Class: the snow accumulates behind the coupling. When the burden gets too heavy the ice mass suddenly breaks away often rupturing the air brake hoses. Not rarely the mass of ice on the loose causes serious other damage as well because it usally weighs well over 2 tons before breaking away. P1000980b  SLT at Geldermalsen. By the time I got here all traffic around Utrecht ceased. I could not get in my train to Sliedrecht because that service would not run the stretch Beesd-Geldermalsen because this section belongs to the Utrecht control area. So when some traffic picked up again my only option was to travel to 's Hertogenbosch and via Breda to Dordrecht and form tehre to Sliedrecht. I left my office at Utrecht at 14:15 and passed my doorstep at 18:30, 04:15 min travelling time for just over 60 km. One comfort: raod had ceased to exist altogether. P1000982b  Geldermalsen, once an important station
P1000984b  View from the foot towards Utrecht P1000986b  Storming VIRM causing its private blizzard P1000988b P1000991b
P1000993b P1000990b