2011-10-02 Meeting the RhB G4-5

My sister and I were in Switserland for a short holiday in October 2011. Coincidentally there was a Rhätische Bahn steam special running at the period. We strained to catch it...
DSC09935  The new day greeted us with splendid sunlight. We had just arrived here, in Savognin, the previous day.  Our plan was to catch the steam special in the Rhein gorge, a spledid background for a steam train. We set out to find a good photo vanatge point. Rheinschlucht  The Rheinschlucht is a gorge that was made by the upper stream of the Rhine in a prehistoric landslide in the roughly 17 kilometers between Ilanz and Reichenau. Only the railway has found a place here. All motor roads go over or around it. It is a piece of natural beauty. DSC09957  View into the gorge from the southern road. The railway runs along the river DSC09958
DSC09961 DSC09982 DSC09984  The station is just around the curve. MG 6890
DSC09983 DSC00017  We made a short walk in teh gorge at river level an met this local service. DSC00034  ...and a return train. This photo demonstrates why we did not choose to wait for the steam special in the gorge. Ligting conditions were poor, contrast was too high. Eventually we decided to drive to Chur end catch it there. DSC00046  For an image of the seventies: Chur's station. In the seventies I spent several holidays here (1975-1978).
DSC00047  But on closer inspection a lot has changed. The main building has lost its function and has been extended. The platforms of the Chur Aroas line have been upgraded considerably DSC00049  The Chur Arosa line has new rolling stock DSC00051 DSC00052  The 15 Allegra train sets were built from 2009 by Stadler.  Read more about these train sets.
DSC00054  Willem Jan Holsboer, a Dutch enterpreneur, was one of the founding fathers of the Rhaethian railway system. DSC00090  After we spent some time visiting the city we returned to the station and awaited the steam special. In the mean time I made some other pics DSC00092b DSC00095
DSC00100  This strong design is a relative newcomer on the RhB, built form 1993-199, 12 examples.  Read more about this class. DSC00105b DSC00110  A sister engine arriving with a train DSC00122  and running round
DSC00140  At last!! 32 DSC00166  It was in 1978 since I last saw this engine et the station of Zernez. When I saw it leave the station I could hardly have realized it would last just about half a  lifetime to see her again.  Read more about this class. DSC00168
DSC00192bb DSC00163b DSC00279  Of the 29 examples built only locomotives 107 and 108 remained at the Rhaetian Railway as non-catenary dependent reserves for snow removal, building work and goods trains. Since the 1960s, they have also worked increasingly on special trains for railway enthusiasts. Locomotive 107 is presently stationed in Landquart, while no 108 is based in Samedan. On the occasion of the Graubünden Steam Festival 2006 and the simultaneous 100th anniversary of the Albula Railway, both locomotives were given names. Since then, no 107 has carried the name Albula, and no 108 the name Engiadina. DSC00201
DSC00238 DSC00230 DSC00210b DSC00229b
DSC00222b DSC00294b DSC00204b DSC00193
DSC00161 DSC00173 DSC00183 DSC00275
DSC00270 DSC00282 DSC00286 DSC00291
DSC00284 DSC00295  The blowing safety announced the impending departure of the special towards Landquart. DSC00297b DSC00303
DSC00307b DSC00318a2 MG 6950  I hope it won't last another 33 years before I see her again...