2011-08-27 Boston Lodge

During our 2011 holiday in the UK I spent a day around Boston Lodge, the workshop for the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways. This is probably the only workshop in the world where you can find so many active articulated steam locomotives.
DSC08195 DSC08178  As the signs at the entrance all said "Do not trespass" and I found no one to turn to, I could do little more than hang around the entrance. I tried to contact the workshop before my visit but got no response. DSC08179  No 87 being prepared for the day DSC08181  One of the diesels is used to drag the train to Harbour Station at the other side of the Cob.
DSC08182 DSC08183  The weather was very variable. Occasionally sun, but rain was a constant companion. DSC08186 DSC08190  One of the Fairlies being readied for the day.  Boston Lodge is the only place in the world where you can get more than one Fairlie before the lens. There are three in this shot!
DSC08199  The gloss from a recently passed rain shower and the backlit workshop combined well to get this atmospheric scene DSC08200 DSC08202 DSC08212
DSC08217 DSC08218 DSC08221 DSC08224
DSC08231 DSC08235 DSC08239 DSC08242
DSC08247 DSC08263 DSC08276 DSC08279
DSC08281 DSC08305  Heading for Harbour Station DSC08307 DSC08308
DSC08315  The old toll house at the end of the cob DSC08314 DSC08316  Meanwhile at Harbour Station DSC08317
DSC08318 DSC08326 DSC08344 DSC08356
DSC08361  Crossing Brittania bridge on the first leg to Caernarfon DSC08373