2011-08-24 Snowdon Mountain Railway

The same day that I visited the Llanberis Lake Railway I took the chance to get some shots of the Snowdon Mountain Railway
DSC07529  The Snowdon Mountain Railway (SMR) is a narrow gauge rack mountain railway  that travels for 7.6 km from Llanberis to the summit of Snowdon, the highest peak in England and Wales. It opened in 1896 and is still a very popular tourist attraction. DSC07575  Wyddfa, operational since 1895 DSC07584  And Snowdon, same age DSC07590
DSC07524  The boilers are inclined on the locomotives, to ensure that the boiler tubes and the firebox remain submerged when on the gradient. The locomotive always runs chimney-first up the mountain. Water is carried in tanks that run the full length of the boiler. It also used for cooling when the engine is running downhill. The drive to the wheels is through a series of levers that allow the pistons to have a longer stroke than the cranks. DSC07525 DSC07526  Photo shoot DSC07528  Well this shot makes me proud of my photo skills. Sharp, good lighting, good timing.
DSC07533b DSC07534 DSC07535 DSC07536
DSC07545  Leaving the station DSC07546  No coupling needed, the car will always stay close by gravity DSC07550 DSC07552
DSC07554 DSC07551 DSC07562  Also leaving and allowing me to get a decent shot of the complex drive DSC07568
DSC07574  I went to see if I could get some tickets for today but all trains were fully booked. Tomorrow the weather will not be quite so nice as today so I did not risk £50 for two tickets.