2011-08-24 Llanberis Lake Railway

On our 2011 holiday in the UK I also visited the Llanberis Lake Railway. For one because I had not been there before but second to try and locate a special named locomotive and get photgraphed in front of it: Thomas Bach, which happens to be the name of the son of a very good friend of mine.
DSC07316  The Llanberis Lake Railway is a narrow gauge heritage railway that runs for 4 km along the shore of Llyn Padarn in north Wales in the Snowdonia National Park. 1280px-Railway-osm-Llanberis Lake Railway-z15-mapnik  The starting point is the town of Llanberis at the eastern end of the lake, quite near the starting point of the Mount Snowdon Railway. The return journey takes around 45 minutes. DSC07296  Almost the first thing I saw when I got to the station was this train arriving at the Slate Museum DSC07299  Dolbadarn is a 1922 built Hunslet
DSC07309  While waiting for my own train I walked into the National Slate Museum DSC07333 DSC07305  The remains of a former slate mine DSC07306  Turntables, well sort of...
DSC07334 DSC07307  The lake that remains after the mine was closed DSC07308 DSC07310  The museum gave a good impression of the harsh life at the slate mines
DSC07311  Simple, sturdy and effective DSC07312 DSC07313  The main product of slate: roof tiles. The slate industry collapsed when the demand for slate plummeted with the advent of other building methods. DSC07315
DSC07335  The once prolific site of the mine DSC07336  Environmentally the slate industry was all but good news to the surrounding countryside DSC07337 DSC07319  Double flanged!
DSC07332 DSC07325  Living conditions were generally very poor. For the workers that is. The overseers could relish in some form of luxury. DSC07324 DSC07320
DSC07321 DSC07323 DSC07326 DSC07327
DSC07328 DSC07330 DSC07340 DSC07338
DSC07341 DSC07521-23  A photo I took later that day shows some of the environmental impact of the slate mines DSC07342  When I returned to the railway I was happy to find that the locomotive that would be pulling "my" train was the very much wanted Thomas Bach DSC07343  What? Doesn't the name plate say "Wild Aster"? Yes, I can still read. Watch this ==>
DSC07349  ==> DSC07350  ==> DSC07352 DSC07353
DSC07355  Aha!! DSC07345 DSC07361  Move that train!! DSC07368  At Llanberis station...
DSC07369b  Wel here it is. The photo I wanted to make DSC07378 DSC07379  Setting off along the lake DSC07392
DSC07393 DSC07399 DSC07404 DSC07405  The weather was so clear that I could see the steam trains reaching the summit of Mount Snowdon
DSC07407 DSC07409 DSC07417 DSC07429
DSC07431 DSC07455 DSC07480 DSC07473
DSC07475 DSC07478 DSC07481 DSC07483
DSC07489 DSC07490 DSC07491 DSC07493
DSC07495 DSC07496 DSC07509