2011-08-21 Penrhyn Castle

Once in Wales during our 2011 holiday in the UK we set out to visit castles and homes there. Much to the delight of my wife there would be no steam there at last! One of our first visits was to Penrhyn Castle. And guess what? There was a steam festival going on!! Sheer coincidence, I swear it!

My wife could see the humour of it.
penrhyncastle  Penrhyn Castle is a 19th-century fantasy castle located on the site of an earlier estate dating from 1438. The Pennant family had it built to display their huge wealth from slavery and slate mining. The castle sits between Snowdonia and the Menai Strait and the estate includes 24.3 hectares (60 acres) of grounds include parkland, an exotic tree and shrub collection as well as a Victorian walled garden.  ©  http://www.webbaviation.co.uk/  Please visit them! DSC06990  Outside were the first signs of steam. Aha!! DSC06928  Inside the castle there is a permanent display of locomotives and rolling stock used in the slate works in the area DSC06926
DSC06927 DSC06929 DSC06930 DSC06943
DSC06932  Inside I was greeted by Charles from 1882, a sister engine, or should I say a brother engine, to Linda and Blanche. Amazingly all three members of this class have survived and the two girls are still operational on the Welsh Highland and Ffestiniog Railways. DSC06933 DSC06935 DSC06938
DSC06939 DSC06940 DSC06942 DSC06944  Although the area in which the locomotives are displayed is very well lit, space is at a premium so getting a decent photo is hard.
DSC06945  See? DSC06946  The Kettering Ironstone Railway was an industrial  narrow gauge railway that served the ironstone quarries around Kettering. This particular loco was built in 1885 DSC06947 DSC06951  Guess why the wind screen is called a spectacle plate.
DSC06952  Also a granny of steam locomotives DSC06953 DSC06954 DSC06955
DSC06956 DSC06957  1848 wow! Railways in the Netherlands had only started nine years before that! DSC06958-60 DSC06961
DSC06962 DSC06963 DSC06964 DSC06965
DSC06966 DSC06967 DSC06970 DSC06971  A symphony in brass
DSC06974 DSC06975 DSC06976  From the large Fire Queen we move to this minute De Winton (?) vertical boiler locomotive. De Winton & Co (1854-1901) were engineers in Caernarfon, Wales. They built vertical boilered narrow gauge locomotives for use in Welsh slate mines and other industrial settings. DSC06978
DSC06983 DSC06982 DSC06984  Once back outside the sun come through the pack of clouds, adding much to the festive character of the day DSC06985
DSC06986 DSC06987 DSC06992 DSC07039
DSC07040 DSC07041 DSC07044 DSC07045
DSC07046 DSC07048