2011-08-17 Spa Valley

During our 2011 holiday in the UK I only briefly had time to pay a flash visit to the Spa Valley Railway at Tunbridge Wells. I was mostly kindly received by the volunteers and had a good chat with them. They invited me for a ride the next day but unfortunately we would be off towards Wales by then. Maybe next time I'll be able to do them real honour.
DSC06745b DSC06744  Platform side lost on a parking. view  Aerial view (Google) DSC06737  The British Rail Class 33 is a class of Bo-Bo diesel-electric locomotives built for the Southern Region of British Railways between 1960 and 1962. A total of 98 Class 33s were built. Most of these locomotives have now been withdrawn from active duty. A staggering 26 made it into preservation! It puzzles me why this type is so popular in preservation Probably because it is available. Personally I consider it a, wel let's say "less than pleasing" design.
DSC06738 DSC06739  A class 12, very similar to the Dutch Railways' Class 800 DSC06740 DSC06741  Some steam work inside the 1886-built engine shed. It is claimed to be the only steam shed in the south of England still performing its original purpose!
DSC06742 DSC06743