2011-08-12 RHDR

English have a nose for oddities, at least what continentals would consider "oddities". The Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway is such an oddity. Built to the gauge of merely 381 mm (15 in) it is a light railway which despite its diminutive size is still a commercially operating railroad. The railway opened in 1927. The ten original locomotives are still in service and the fleet has been expanded over time with other steam locomotives and diesels. Over a long period of time the railway claimed the title "Smallest public railway in the world". Currently the line carries 100,000 passengers each year.
00 Romney Station  A Google Maps view of Romney station. Big centre is the station's hall. Below it is the turntable. The white building to the left of the turn tbale is the reseption and restaurant area. The building at the right is the depot and maintenance facility. DSC05866  First thing that strikes the eye is the big small stationhall DSC05861  The signalbox DSC05860
DSC05863 DSC05859  The Bug in its Brighton Umber livery was built by Kraus in Munich in 1926 DSC05969 DSC05970
DSC05971 DSC05972 DSC05973 DSC05868  Soon after our arrival a train entered the station drawn by no 10 "Dr Syn" from 1931. This locomotive is clearly based on an American pattern.  Note that all essential appliances are there to regard this locomotive as an ernest railway locomotive
DSC05870 DSC05872 DSC05873 DSC05874
DSC05876 DSC05877 DSC05878 DSC05879
DSC05881 DSC05883 DSC05884 DSC05885
DSC05887  The size of the men demonstrates how a 1:3 locomotive works out. DSC05888 DSC05889 DSC05891  Blowing the cilinders, ready for departure
DSC05899 DSC05910 DSC05918 DSC05920
DSC05928 DSC05929  A train from the other direction approaching Romney station DSC05930b DSC05931  Slowly coming to a halt at the water hose
DSC05932 DSC05933 DSC05934 DSC05935
DSC05937 DSC05938 DSC05939 DSC05942
DSC05943 DSC05944 DSC05946 DSC05947
DSC05948 DSC05949 DSC05950 DSC05951
DSC05952 DSC05953  Waiting for the ready DSC05955  And underway DSC05967  Entering the road tunnel
DSC05975  A visit to the depot DSC05976 DSC05978  An engine that never existed in 1:1 runs around here. DSC05979
DSC05981b DSC05988 DSC05989 DSC05992
DSC05999 DSC06007 DSC06008 DSC06009
DSC06012 DSC06015 DSC06016 DSC06018
DSC06019 DSC06021 DSC06024 DSC06032
DSC06034 DSC06037 DSC06038  I decided to take this to Dungeness and back DSC06048  Crossing at Romney Sands Halt
DSC06060 DSC06062 DSC06064  How small the coaches are. After some fifteen minutes your legs desparately need a stretch. DSC06067  After several villages the train entered a more beachy environment.
DSC06068  The road crossing are for real. DSC06069  Approaching Dungeness loop DSC06071 00 Dungeness Loop  On Google maps the loop is traceable, at the green arrow is Dungeness station
DSC06072  Dungeness nuclear power plant, with the lighthouse and Dungeness station directly to the right of it. DSC06074  Looping the loop DSC06078  Dungeness station DSC06083
DSC06085 DSC06086 DSC06091 DSC06092
DSC06093 DSC06095 DSC06096 DSC06098
DSC06099 DSC06101 DSC06111 DSC06125  Completing the loop
DSC06128 DSC06129  Back at Romney Sand, another crossing DSC06137  Exchanging tokens DSC06141
DSC06160  Back at Romney DSC06163  Maybe captivated for life... DSC06167 DSC06172
DSC06173 DSC06193 DSC06199 DSC06201