2011-08-09 Tenterden

During our 2011 summer holiday we stayed in Kent for a while. A good opportunity to visit the Kent & East Sussex Railway in Tenterden.
DSC05731 DSC05683  Tenterden is a lovely rural station exemplary for the likes of the hundreds that have sprawled the English countryside before Beeching axed them DSC05654  A standard 0-6-0 austerity War Department locomotive, designed initially for the war effort. After the war numerous locomotives were assembled to provide for the loss of locomotives during the war and from remaining spare parts. No 23 was built in 1952 and named after one of the intiators of the original K&ESR. CIMG3010  The shooter shot
DSC05655 DSC05660 DSC05662  Always time to have a chat.    As usual a preservation railway is above all a railway: security first and driving is serious business, but on the other hand that easy going touch is always there. DSC05664  Watching the rest of the staff.
DSC05666 DSC05667  Not only the locomotives have been preserved.  No serious, it is too easy to joke on that, I'm always enjoy to see men like this passionately at work. DSC05668  Opening the gates DSC05669
DSC05681 DSC05672 DSC05656  The impressive contents of the signalbox, in pristine condition as far as I can judge. DSC05659
DSC05671 DSC05673b DSC05677 DSC05678
DSC05680 DSC05682  Part of the complicated operation wiring DSC05703  Beforelong a Terrier came alongside the platform. The K&ESR has two of the ten still surviving members of this class of 50 small six coupled tank locomotives built by the London Brighton and South Coast Railway between 1872 and 1880. DSC05704
DSC05697 DSC05698 DSC05699 DSC05701
DSC05705 DSC05706 DSC05707 DSC05709
DSC05712 DSC05716 DSC05717 DSC05724
DSC05728 DSC05729  Backing up in the yard DSC05732 DSC05733  Waiting to hand over the lock to protect the block.
DSC05734 DSC05741 DSC05743