2011-06-03 RTM

On Friday June 3rd, 2011 my wife and I visited the RTM tramway museum at Ouddorp, NL.
Rtmnet  The RTM, Rotterdam Tramway Co, was an overland tramway that operated on the south west islands between 1878 and 1966. The narrow gauge net grew to 150 km in its heydays. Four steam locomotives, some diesel cars and an array of rolling stock survived, mostly in terrible condition. The RTM (Riding Tramway Museum ;-) is lovingly restoring them to running condition as time and finances permit. The track at Ouddorp is not original but custom laid for tourist purposes DSC04521  We arrived after a one and a half hour's drive with just minutes to spare to catch the 13:30 tram DSC04526  No 57 is one of the class 0-6-0 numbered 51-58 built between 1915-1920 by Orenstein & Koppel. No 57 was built in 1920 and withdrawn in 1963. It stood rusting away in the National Railway Museum in Utrecht, though under a roof completely exposed to the weather. Since 2003 it is on permanent loan at the RTM. DSC04524
DSC04527  Bell in the smoke DSC04530  Although superheated, which was highly modern for trams at the time, these engines are classical tramway locos: water tanks below the footplate (you can see tank lid left of the head lamp), inside cylinders (see the cylinder covers above the buffer), central buffer, well protected driving mechanism against road dust and "unintended interaction with the general public". Gauge is 1067 mm and note that the profile of loco and stock is extremely narrow. DSC04531 DSC04533
DSC04534 DSC04535 DSC04536 DSC04537
DSC04543 DSC04544 DSC04546 DSC04547
DSC04545 DSC04548 DSC04689 DSC04690
DSC04691 DSC04694 DSC04696 DSC04550
DSC04555 DSC04560 DSC04568 DSC04579
DSC04588 DSC04596  Who says "The Cob" at Porthmadog is unique?? DSC04597  On the left hand side the Grevelingen, freshwater, on the other side the Northsea. DSC04608  Intermediate stop
DSC04610 DSC04612 DSC04613 DSC04622  Approaching Middelplaat Haven, the temporary end of the line.
DSC04625 DSC04632  Running around. Note the extremely narrow profile of the loco, adpated to to squeeze through the narrow streets of towns in the twenties DSC04634 DSC04653
DSC04661 DSC04678  Low angle view CIMG2918  It takes a little exercise to get to such a low vantage point DSC04679
DSC04681  This young man was taking his driving exams today..... DSC04702  The "examinator"  I met him later on the day and he turned to be author of several books I have. Nice to meet him!!  And NO, the man in the background is not picking his nose!! DSC04705 DSC04700
DSC04701 DSC04703 CIMG2924  The shooter shot DSC04708  On our way back, a view through the first coach towards the loco. The driver-examinee watching his gauges
DSC04709  Janneke having a good time DSC04720  The "examinator" is keeping an eye on the tram DSC04769  Arrival back at the museum DSC04768  One of diesel trams
DSC04770 DSC04771 DSC04773 DSC04776
DSC04777 DSC04781 DSC04785  The RTM's herald, with Rotterdams herald enclosed DSC04792  RTM letter logo on an axle box
DSC04786 DSC04789  A shot that could been made in the thirties DSC04806  A new boiler for no 56 waiting DSC04809  In a small side shed I found the two other locos
DSC04813 DSC04815 DSC04816  No 50 has elaborate lining DSC04787  Meanwhile the loco is being tended.
DSC04800 DSC04805 DSC04819  Greasing DSC04821
DSC04826  Men at rest, at the right the graduate DSC04831  Iron monster swallows man DSC04825