2011-02-25 Ontraxs 2011

Ontraxs is a yearly model railway event held by and at the Dutch Railway Museum in Utrecht. Aim of the event is to gather the best model railways of Europe and display them for a mixed public unfamiliar with railways and thus raise interest for the subject and the hobby. Since 2009 this event has proved succesful on both raising considerable visitor numbers and reaching its objectives. The show is a combination of display of dioramas, most model railroads are pretty small, of the highest quality and a choise of suppliers dedicated to DIY modelling.
Ontraxs-2011 DSC09815  It is impossible for me to put all dioramas on the photo, so I have the habit of picking a selection that of layouts that appeal to me. I hope you enjoy them too.  This layout depicts a boat bridge for a tramway line DSC09816  The trackplan is dead simple. The execution of the idea is however ingenious. DSC09817  Traffic trundling and waiting for the bridge
DSC09818 DSC09819 DSC09820 DSC09823  Gert Arkema's splendid "Rhenen", a depiction of the namesake station in the centre of the Netherlands in the pre-war period. Now a stub it used to be on a main line crossing the Rhine to the south. The Rhine bridge was destroyed by the retreating German troops in 1945 and never rebuilt leaving the station orphaned. It has changed beyond recognition since then.
DSC09827 DSC09825 DSC09826 DSC09831
DSC09829 DSC09828 DSC09830 DSC09845  Wel, that should just say about all, but those who are not acquaintanced: this diorama depicts a narrow gauge railway in North Wales primarily transporting slate.
DSC09832 DSC09833 DSC09834 DSC09835
DSC09836  Prince speeding by DSC09839 DSC09841 DSC09842
DSC09843 DSC09847 DSC09848 DSC09850
DSC09851 DSC09852 DSC09854 DSC09855
DSC09856  Another truly simple railway, just two or three switches and one diesel noisly clattering around, but what a joy to watch! DSC09857 DSC09858 DSC09859
DSC09860 DSC09861  Portpyn - Christopher Payne  This layout depicts a small port on the south coast of England served by the 2' gauge South Wessex Light Railway used for both passenger and general goods. At the harbour there is a small warehouse on the quayside, and facilities for the transfer of minerals to coastal shipping. The layout was built to provide movement and action. Instead of attaining accurate scale modelling this diorama is more aimed to show social history and economic geography with a funny twist. DSC09862b DSC09864
DSC09865 DSC09866 DSC09867 DSC09868
DSC09869 DSC09870 DSC09871 DSC09872
DSC09874 DSC09875  This Dutch entry strived to make an authentical depiction of a saw mill around the previous turn of the century. Scale is approximately 1:48. Most structures are scratch built some of them to original drawings. DSC09876 DSC09877
DSC09881 DSC09882  The wokshop offers endless detail DSC09884b DSC09885b
DSC09886b DSC09887b DSC09888b DSC09891b
DSC09892 DSC09893  The waterside DSC09894 DSC09896
DSC09897 DSC09898 DSC09901  The engine room powering all the equipment DSC09899
DSC09904  The boiler room DSC09906 DSC09907 DSC09909
DSC09914  This HOm layout, one of the few larger layouts on Ontraxs, shows a youth memory of mine. This tramway passed quite close to my parental home in Rotterdam. DSC09910 DSC09911  Some ufo seems to have landed here, which by the way makes the true scale of the layout visible DSC09913  The Spijkenisse bridge. The tram has vanished, the bridge has been replaced. The house left of the bridge is still there though as well as both bridge front portals, so some signs are still recognisable. Let's take a look
Spijkenisse bridge 1  The house on the previous foto is in the left lower circle and just north of it the Spijkenisse side portal of the bridge is standing. The other portal is in the right upper circle Spijkenisse bridge 2  A Google street view with that house and the bridge portal DSC09916  In the forground a typical Dutch box cab tramway locomotive.  Boiler and engine are all enclosed to allow the driver to walk around to get good views on the road. The engine could be operated from either side and was also one man operated. DSC09918  The white red car is a camping car. In the years after WWII the RTM made good money out of old goods wagons by converting them and renting them as camping cars on old spurs.
DSC09919  RTM was never a very rich company. The heyday of overland tramway building was brief. From 1880-1900 numerous tramways were constructed. After WWI many of them perished in the economic downturn. The survivors had to cling to their existance in the thirties. WWII brought a brief respite when most road traffic ceased and people turned to trams again. In the fifties all overland tramway but the RTM ceased their activities. The RTM lasted until 1966 when it converted to buses. In trying to make ends meet many rolling stock was bought second hand from out of business companies. Sometimes this stock was refurbished or completely reconstructed in RTM's own workshop in Rotterdam. DSC09920 DSC09921 DSC09923
DSC09926 DSC09929  Another layout from which I did not note the name (sorry) DSC09931 DSC09934
DSC09936 DSC09937 DSC09940  My German friend Dieter posing in front of an Austerity 2-10-0 engine. It was bought by the Dutch Railways after the war to restock the motive power after the huge losses in the later wardays. DSC09967  "The Garden lawn of my fater" is a depiction of simple country life in the thirties
DSC09957  The landmark view of this layout is along the main street of the town DSC09958 DSC09964 DSC09966
DSC09950 DSC09951  Two trams pass DSC09952  Again, and this time a bit sharper, a characteric box cab tramway locomotive as built by Backer & Rueb DSC09953
DSC09954 DSC09956 DSC09959 DSC09961
DSC09962 DSC09968 DSC09969 DSC09970
DSC09971 DSC09972  This layout's track plan is almost too simple to describe. A few rails nothing more. But the structures, oha. I could not take my eyes of it. DSC09975 DSC09976
DSC09973 DSC09978 DSC09979 DSC09980
DSC09981 DSC09982 DSC09983 DSC09984
DSC09985  An Amarican themed logging railroad. DSC09986 DSC09989 DSC09990
DSC09992 DSC09993 DSC09994 DSC09996
DSC09997 DSC09998 DSC09999 DSC00001
DSC00003 DSC00004 DSC00007  A single shot from Punta Marina, an Italian themed diorama  by Henk Wust, with just one track and two switches. A masterpiece in scenery though. Unfortunately I have only one shot. It was very busy at the time and I decided to return later. At the end of the day I forgot to do so. DSC00008  This diorama is small by all standards yet offers so much delight.
DSC00009 DSC00010 DSC00011 DSC00012
DSC00014 DSC00019  A forest railway DSC00015 DSC00016
DSC00017 DSC00018 DSC00072  A saw mill DSC00032
DSC00033  A so called Feldbahnlokomotive, a locomotive especially designed by the army for use in the (battle) field behind the lines. DSC00034 DSC00063 DSC00064
DSC00060 DSC00061 DSC00066 DSC00068
DSC00069 DSC00070 DSC00044  A theme based on oil transport DSC00036
DSC00037 DSC00039 DSC00041 DSC00042
DSC00043 DSC00045 DSC00046 DSC00048
DSC00049 DSC00050 DSC00051 DSC00052
DSC00053 DSC00054  Dieter having a good time. A last image to conclude this visit