2010-10-16 ModelspoorExpo Mechelen

ModelspoorExpo1  On October 15, 2010 I visited the 5th edition of the Modelspoor (model railway) Expo in Mechelen Belgium. Some 30 layout features here. Complete madness to cover them all in this photo account. So I just picked a few I liked.  I was plagued this show by my tripod which started coming apart during the show. When even emergency repairs did not offer relief I set my camera to 800 ISO and contented myself with pictures with a larger aperture than usual. DSC08430  Yes it was a very busy show. The photo "happened" when accidentally triggered my camera, but I kind of liked it anyway: a lot of people, an atmospheric impression and if you look closely some importatn brand names, Märklin, TRIX, LGB. It is colorful symbol for the show I thought. Toegang001   Trade  I first turned to the trade part of the show. New, second hand. I skimmed through the stands. I had the impression prices were generally higher then in the Netherlands.   I made a few photos of interesting models DSC08418  Well. this may have been the biggest surprise of the day: a model of the only ever Belgian garratt locomotive.  Mnufacturer: Jocadis, available as kit or RTR
DSC08538  Water runs in my mouth from Class 12 Atlantic. Produced by Olaerts DSC08539  A model a characteristic Belgian look. Model also produced by Olaerts. DSC08456  Just a shot from a demonstrator layout. DSC08457
Toegang002   Diorama contest  In the middle of the show's hall the participants in the diorama contest showed their works. I must say this was a highly motivating en interesting part of the show. DSC08442   Sart-Moulin in 1955     By Daniel Galinski    This was a very small diorama with just a few points yet Daniel achieve an interesting lot of operation. Unfortunately he was drawing so much attention that I could catch a good shot with a train. But a very commendable diorama. DSC08449   Sart-Boly  is a small diorama based on an industrial theme DSC08443  My photos are not too sharp (my tripod spontaneously disassembled, remember?) but this was also a top quality contender in the diorama contest.
DSC08446  The photo is terrible, not doing justice to the layout. DSC08447 DSC08448 DSC08458  This one was particularly nice. The whole layout was built in a box, forcing you into one certain perspective, making te viaduct huge!! What a pity that the expo hall's roof spoils the impression.
DSC08464  This diorama in scale 1 (1:32) was impressive. No operation of any sorts, just two carriages and en steam locomotive rust in peace here. DSC08466 DSC08467 DSC08468
DSC08469 DSC08470 DSC08476 DSC08477
DSC08508   Janakpur Railway  Another contest in the diorama contest was this Jankpur Railwy. It couldn't be simpler: a classic oval, a few switches and a backdrop to split the kayout in half so the oval is not so conspicuous.  Personally I would have nominated this layout for the first three DSC08506  First let's have a look at the superb details in the station area DSC08507  Figures depict the "locale" very well. DSC08505  as does the equipment: simple and effective but coarse
DSC08520 DSC08509  Locals wating for the train. Would it bring a rich westerner wanting a trip to his hotel? DSC08510  Local market DSC08511  At last the train. loaded with people
DSC08512 DSC08513 DSC08514 DSC08504
DSC08515 DSC08494  On the other side of the diorama an open field scene, where a bridge serves as a focal point DSC08495  Elephant being scrubbed DSC08497  Oncoming train
DSC08498 DSC08499 DSC08501  Last passengers crossing the bridge DSC08522   Shunter  Again a small diorama with only just a few tracks, but how well done!!
DSC08523 DSC08525 DSC08527 DSC08528
DSC08530   Wolfscreek (On30)   is an American themed diorama. Cleverly there is an inconspicuous oval on a high level with a slow moving Porter that needs no operator's attention.  If I were to choose this diorama would also be in the first three. DSC08529  The Porter has a nice sound module geiving it a "heaving hard" chuff nice. DSC08533  This Climax does the shunting on the lower level DSC08534
DSC08535   B.A. Bodil  is a superbly executed perspective diorama. A large tram in the front drives off, to reappear three time over further away in the background ans consequently smaller in size each time. IN realty there four trams in four different scal to suggest distance. I couldn't reach the lay bacause of the crowd. But this another in my personal top three DSC08536 Toegang003   Various layouts  Besides trade and the diorama contest there was a wide choise of great layout. DSC08459  Live steam was also present
DSC08428   Tripton on the hill   features in Modelspoormagazine  no 96. It is an English themed layout built by Dutch modelers under direction of Ton Trip, nice equivoke: Tripton. Excellent work. DSC08420 DSC08421  Very scenic. No train in sight and yet very much a model railrod DSC08424  Tripton's station
DSC08425  Goods handling DSC08426  A pannier at rest DSC08429  An autotrain in full swing DSC08431  The pannier shunting some cars around
DSC08438 DSC08432 DSC08433 DSC08434
DSC08436 DSC08422  The lock with a typical English narrow boat DSC08435 DSC08437  A, what is it, a dukedog?,  awaiting the signal to leave
DSC08440 DSC08567  A layout by Henk Wust is this   Punta Marina DSC08559  Though very small indeed, height is its secret weapon. DSC08557  The layout is divided into two separate parts by this building through which' gate the train runs
DSC08556  The layout is elaborately detailed. Let me show you around DSC08554 DSC08555 DSC08560  Laundry
DSC08562  Knock knock DSC08563 DSC08564  Some real details... DSC08565
DSC08566 DSC08569 DSC08571 DSC08572
DSC08573 DSC08541  The right half of the layout DSC08543  The portal separating both scenes DSC08544
DSC08545  Italian atmosphere DSC08546 DSC08548 DSC08549
DSC08550  Excellent detail DSC08551 DSC08577 DSC08602   Pempoul     Réseau Breton   A layout of intense realism radiating the French countryside, almost screaming "la belle vie". Very, very imperssive
DSC08584  But this really why the layout attracted me: a scratch built mallet!! Superbly modeled and weathered, this is model railroading optima forma DSC08589  Wow..... DSC08596 DSC08597
DSC08598  Hmmmmm, I miss just that one rivet... Joke of course, this is my dream of building. DSC08578  But apart form this one mallet this layout was beuatifully scenicked. Now what, is this France or not?? DSC08579  An autorail making its call to town DSC08583  Another autorail waiting the crossing of its counterpart.
DSC08585 DSC08607 DSC08580  Such detail. Look at the roof tiles, their irrgularity, some broken. Great. DSC08603
DSC08604 DSC08606 DSC08608 DSC08609   Club Proto  P87 does not cease to intrigue me. This further nameless layout by Club Proto (87) was very impressive indeed. On the  left you see a tracks leaving the layout. They connected to the adjoining "Rue de la Glacïère" layout which I   already photographed on the 2009 Proto Convention at Rail 2009
DSC08610 DSC08613  Proto87 strives to model every conceivable detail, which also shows in the level of detail of the loco. DSC08614 DSC08615  ...and the track...
DSC08616 DSC08617  .. and various details along the track... DSC08618 DSC08619
DSC08620 DSC08621 DSC08622 DSC08623
DSC08625 DSC08626  Just for the sake of it a photo of the adjoining Rue de la Glacière layout DSC08627 DSC08629