2010-05-29 Dordt in stoom

The bi-annual Dordt in stoom was due this year. I went there and on the glowwing pages you a photo account of that. I grab the opprutunity to introduce the area a little. I you don't fancy that you may want to jump to the "Dordt in stoom" thumbnail immediately.
DSC01248  Sliedrecht's public transport also includes a waterbus, a "ferry" fast catamaran service to Dordrecht, where you can change to a similar service to Rotterdam. DSC01249  The reardeck accomodates bikes, a facility that makes that fast ferry service very popular. DSC01252  The Merwede is one of the largest rivers of the Netherlands. As it connects to the hinterland along the Rhine at Nijmegen it even carries the majority of the tonnage as compared the Dutch stretch of the Rhine to Rotterdam. The Merwede flows just 150 meters past my home DSC01258  Sliedrecht's Gold Coast housing, many of them one million euro plus
DSC01272  The area between Dordrecht a Gorinchem used to be littered with all kinds of shipyards. There has been a true onslaught during the last thirty years with only the largest surviving. IHC is specialized in dredgers DSC01277  One of the very few remaining small shipyards, but to the best of my knowledge they don't build new ships anymore. Repair and component fabication will be there mainstay I guess. A few hundred meters downstream there used to be Van Santen's shipyard with a yearly output og appr. 1.3 ship per year!! DSC01279  The more normal housing along the waterside, still expensive because of the view, but affordable. DSC01281  The Merwedebridge at Baanhoek, Sliedrecht. Built in 1885, today's span dates from 1980. See this   article
DSC01289 DSC01296  A less forunate side of the area: a waste burning facility DSC01295  And Dupont's chemical plant DSC01298  Boskalis dredging's main office
DSC01299  And another big shipyard DSC01306  The remains of Huis te Merwede, dating from the 13th century. See   this article DSC01308  The road bridge between Papendrecht and Dordrecht DSC01312  Me fooling around
DSC01313  Well after this short introduction Dordrecht came into view DSC01316  I used to work on this spot for 10 years. Before these building the area housed the Fokker Aircraft Papendrecht plant. Fokker bankrupted in 1996. title DSC01319  Part of Dordt in Stoom is made up from active steam ships, so a large part takes places in and around the water. This is the Merwede quai side
DSC01321  The Pieter Boele, often used foor films DSC01323  This ship, launcehd in 1897, is used as a party ship nowadays. It houses a nice little surprise: a steam powered organ, which you hear sound over the river the remainder of the day. You can  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdty13onJ3M&feature=player_embedded" target="_blank"> hear the steam organ play DSC01324  Arrival of the Waterbus service at Dordrecht. Festivities are immediately at the quai. As you can see the weather is fine, sun and 22 C. Prediction were not good though. Clouds would set in and in the course of the afternoon would followed by some serious rain. It urned out that clouding started later and it remained until six. But then again, it rained continuesly that evening and the following day, with temps falling to 13 C. DSC01326  A light ship
DSC01328  The Noord Hinder can be viewed on   its own website DSC01329  The crew of the Christiaan Brunings is having its briefing for the day DSC01330  Ok boys, to work DSC01334  The last remaining gate of the medieval city centre, 14th century. Its present appearance dates from a reconstruction in 1640
DSC01450  A commemorative stone comes from another gate which was demolished in 1870 and reminds of a siege in 1418 DSC01343  The main Old Harbour, normally already home to an extensive fleet of old ships, steam and sail alike, is now really crammed with steel and wood. It is almost possible to cross the harbour without getting your feet wet. DSC01344  Last polish DSC01345
DSC01346 DSC01347 DSC01348  Eagle DSC01349
DSC01350  A river tugboat. DSC01352 DSC01358 DSC01362  Some ships have a respectable age
DSC01363  Water, sun and steam, always a good formula for some dreamy pictures DSC01375  A ship lift DSC01376  Dordt in stoom mainly consist of ship and, as you will see, road bound steam. A very few steam locomotives are presen though, be it but small. DSC01378
DSC01380 DSC01381 DSC01382  The hose lead to the boiler which is being topped up before firing her up. DSC01384
DSC01383  A simple garden hose suffices DSC01386  The boiler is filled with water by a simple pump connected to the crossehad. This is the most basic arrangement you can think of. In 1:1 locomotives this arragement was only used in the earliest days of steam. If a locomotive was in need for water while in a station, the crew had no choice but to uncouple the loco and start driving her up and down the stationyard until the water level had risen acceptably. DSC01385 DSC01387  The loco has what essentially is a Walschaers' valve gear, though the radius is replaced by this peculiar sliding arrangement
DSC01388  Simple controls DSC01393  Another small beauty. In contrast to the previous loco this one has it own water feeder pump DSC01394 DSC01395
DSC01396 DSC01397  A complete walschaerts'valve gear DSC01399 DSC01401
DSC01402 DSC01390  I had arrived early to see the exhibitors come in. Well this one took the ferry from Papendrecht, pulling his model road engine along DSC01392  The main quay was still largely empty DSC01403  Preparing...
DSC01405  He built the engine himself. Some parts were bought as a rough casting and than milled or turned to size. The gears were made by a friend who had the proper tooling. DSC01406 DSC01407 DSC01408
DSC01409 DSC01410 DSC01412 DSC01413
DSC01419  A size bigger arrived shortly afterwards DSC01420 DSC01421 DSC01422  And next the biggies started pouring in
DSC01425  The, eerrm well, eh crab! DSC01426 DSC01427  Parking, not as easy as your car DSC01428
DSC01429 DSC01430  This amount of detail is any modellers nightmare DSC01431 DSC01432
DSC01434  An old car of the municipality of Dordrecht DSC01444 DSC01448  A the day drew on activity increased. Sailable ship came onto the water DSC01449
DSC01338  I visited the Furie, at a moment that visitor number were not clogging every gangway yet. The Furie is the last operational sea going steam tug boat of the Netherlands. DSC01451  Winch DSC01453  Bunks are very tight, two square meters is a luxury DSC01455
DSC01460  Galley DSC01461 DSC01462  Salt resistent DSC01463
DSC01464 DSC01465 DSC01466 DSC01468
DSC01469  A triple expansion engine, high pressure cylinder in the rear DSC01480 DSC01470 DSC01472
DSC01477 DSC01484  His Lordship arriving for the day DSC01487  A steam powered lorry DSC01489
DSC01491 DSC01497 DSC01503  Not only the engines were of interest. I also took some time to "shoot" a chareacteristic head every now and than. DSC01505  This is the man's machine
DSC01506  Two UK exhibitor taking some time to chat DSC01510 DSC01516 DSC01517  By midday visitor numbers sharply increased, attracted by the lovely weather.
DSC01522 DSC01525 DSC01526 DSC01527
DSC01529 DSC01530 DSC01535  The fir brigade DSC01536
DSC01541 DSC01542  A road engine used to drive static machines DSC01544 DSC01545  This one looked like new
DSC01546 DSC01547 DSC01548 DSC01549
DSC01551 DSC01552 DSC01555  A cuty floating along DSC01556
DSC01562 DSC01563  Things were getting crowded DSC01566 DSC01567
DSC01568 DSC01569  The river was also very busy DSC01570 DSC01572  And the ferry from Papendrecht had a hard time coping with the visitor numbers
DSC01579  A visit by the  Fokker Four  , of which incidentally only thre flew ;-) DSC01586 DSC01587  The only real steam locomotives with serious mustle wehre on this train.   SSN   has one locomoitve at either end. DSC01590
DSC01618 DSC01620 DSC01634  Well a last phot as a farewell. See you in two years time