2010 Linge bridge

Ever since there is a railroad between Den Bosch and Utrecht there has been a bridge over the Linge river near Geldermalsen. The original bridge was destroyed in the last months WWII. In 1946 two bridges were relocated from Limburg to Geldermalsen to restore this all important North-South connection, one of only three in the Netherlands. Having been in place for over 65 years this ageing bridge increasingly became a bottle neck. Noisy, low speed and only two tracks where four would soon be needed, it was due for replacement. Follow the story of that event.

0. Untouched

Some photos I made over the years with the Linge bridge in its original state

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1. Change

Before the bridge was to be removed I had a 50 km bike ride on a nice May day (no I'm not going down) to document the bridge still in place, but the work already underway

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2. Replacement

On day one of a five days' reconstruction period my son and I watched the removal of the east bridge

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3. The new bridge


4. Footbridge

Geldermalsen had a 120 year old footbridge. This bridge was also replaced.

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