2009-06-16 Carlisle

DSC04638b DSC04639  The platform hall however is unexpectedly large, light and spacious. DSC04641 DSC04642  A local from First
DSC04643  And the same from Northern Rail DSC04649 DSC04650 DSC04651
DSC04644 DSC04645  Yeah sure. DSC04646  Old territory marks left by the former owner of this footbridge DSC04647
DSC04648  Passing freigth train DSC04653 DSC04654 DSC04655
DSC04656  I was not the only train spotter DSC04657 DSC04658 DSC04660
DSC04666 DSC04668 DSC04670 DSC04671  This advertisement greatly announce the pride of the country
DSC04675  I might have guessed.... DSC04674 DSC04676  A view towards some impressive murals DSC04677  Aha, that's why.