2009-06-13 Fairlies at Porthmadog

The day I was hunting for the WHR's NGG16, I also made a short outing to Porthmadog to see if I could visit Boston Lodge Works.
Occasional visitors were not allowed though. Nevertheless I got some good shots of Fairlies in the area.
DSC04319  David Lloyd George being tended. Watering and coaling DSC04320  Shoveling the coal in the bunker DSC04249  Leaving for the station. The bogies clearly can be seen pivoting in the curve. DSC04251
DSC04254 DSC04256 DSC04257 DSC04258
DSC04259 DSC04263 DSC04264  Leaving over the cob. This photo was taken on the other end of the cob, near Boston Lodge Works. DSC04269
DSC04272 DSC04282-94  Panorama from Boston Lodge DSC04295  While I was scouting Boston Lodge Works another Fairlie passed named Merddin Emrys. DSC04297
DSC04298  On the cob nearing Porthmadog Harbour DSC04299  Merddin Emrys was built in the railways own workshops at Boston Lodge and was completed in 1879. Merddin has been one of the FR's mainstays for more than a century, and has changed shape with successive rebuilds, major overhauls / rebuilds being undertaken in 1895, 1921, 1934, 1961, 1970, 1988 and 2005. The 1988 overhaul was externally sponsored and featured serious efforts to return the engine to something close to its original appearance. DSC04315 DSC04314
DSC04303  The continuous polishing and cleaning has rounded up the sharp edges of this brass plate over the years DSC04313  The elaborate lining, a modeler's nightmare DSC04300 DSC04301
DSC04306 DSC04307 DSC04302 DSC04311  The regulators, say "the speed controls"
DSC04309 DSC04304 DSC04318 DSC04316