2009-06-10 Porthmadog

DSC03135b DSC03167 DSC03121b DSC03123b
DSC03126 DSC03127  A quick glance in the cab DSC03128 DSC03129
DSC03133 DSC03136  Blanche in the station exit with view over the Cob towards Boston Lodge Works DSC03138 DSC03139
DSC03148b DSC03152  Blanche takes her place in front of her next train DSC03155 DSC03153  Now let's take a few looks on the details of the tiny loco
DSC03154  Hardly visible for the occasional looker: the added carrying wheel DSC03166  The seriously tilted cylinder and crosshead DSC03157  A grease pump and its driving rod DSC03158
DSC03164  Rhapsody in steel DSC03165 DSC03160  The cab's interior DSC03161  A real lady: mirroring herself in the shiny brass dome
DSC03172  Builder's plate DSC03163 DSC03168 DSC03169  Ready for departure
DSC03170  The scenic area of the estuary against the background of Snowdonia DSC03173  Leaving over the cob