2009-03-06 Rail 2009

The yearly "Rail" event had its 25th anniversary this year. I visit this and other events regularly so I do not intend to give a full coverage of all layouts on display. I picked a few that struck me.

I went to the show after work. I didn't have plans that morning but in an impulse I went after all. I didn't have my tripod or my DSLR with me. All photos are made with a simple pocket camera so please do excuse me if the photo quality lacks.
S1052253  Well to start with I made some photos of an American themed layout in N-gauge. You might have noticed that sofar I never, ever took the trouble to photograph an N scale layout. That is because I usually find them very crappy. But this one was of a category of its own. A really well worked and excellently detailed layout. Well weathered scenery, astonishing trackwork. A splendid job. You will have a hard time to determine that this layout is actually N scale at all!! S1052252 S1052255 S1052256  Who says this is 1:160??
S1052259 S1052260 S1052262  I visited the trade part of the event and took these photos especially for my friend Dieter, who likes streamlined loco's.    The Belgian Series 12 was built in 1939. Due to the outbreak of the war their number was limited to six only. I presume not much came of the expectations for this type: the war year cut their speeds low and after the war conversion to diesel and electric traction cut thier lifetime short. It is remarkable that the designers reverted to the Atlantic type. Personally I consider this type the pinnacle of Atlantic construction. Thankfully one made it to preservation. S1052263
S1052264  Olaerts is the place to be if you wanna buy one.  Make sure your wallet is big enough though!! S1052272  For the first time I saw the Brusio spiral viaduct modeled in HOm Brusio  The real thing S1052273b
S1052274  I photgraphed this layout before but I couldn't resist taking a few more pictures S1052277 S1052279 S1052285
S1052280 S1052278 S1052281 S1052284
S1052288  A manufacturer of Dutch stuff. Stoom & Spoor productions (www.stoomenspoor.nl) in I-scale (1:32) S1052289 S1052290 S1052291
S1052293 S1052294 S1052295 S1052296
S1052297  More and French layouts appear on Dutch Events and I must admit: they are usually very attractive!!   This one is in 1:22,5 S1052298 S1052299 S1052319  A model of the Dutch station Rotterdam Blaak
S1052321  And what I consider the most beautiful Dutch steam loco: NS 6300 Proto  The Proto 87 convention 2009 took place in Houten during Rail. Various demonstrations and workshops took  place to introduce the lay modelrailroader to the merits of this finescale norm. And I must say I was very impressed. Not only by the results which clearly distinguished themselves from "ordinary" H0 scale. But I was also deeply impressed by the dedication of the modellers and by the pain to which they go to achieve what they consider at best as "an acceptable level of detail". S1052304  This, ladies and gentlemen, is 1:87!!!!!!!!! S1052305
S1052325  One of the layout was from Belgium or France (the owner spoke French).   I forgot to took a photo from the layout name. Sorry!! If the owner ever stumbles over these photo's please report your name and I will mention it here. You deserve it!!   This layout is everything Proto 87 stand for. Just look at the building. Wow S1052326  Remember this is 1:87 S1052327 S1052332
S1052323  and this trackwork S1052329 S1052331  the perspective is crisp S1052330  But as you can see the building in the background are only a few cm's thicks!!
S1052341 S1052334  take a good look at the concrete slabs! S1052335 S1052336  Unfortunately I didn't make a good sharp photo of this building. It deserved better than this. But this is the best I had and I liked the building so much I want to share this photo with anyway.    With this photo we part from this magnifecent layout
S1052310  And now... last but not least. The layout of an English modeler who modeled.... a Dutch layout. "Is it forbidden by law?", he asked when I uttered my amazement about that. No, of course not. It is just so rare. S1052300  A DJH NS 7000 series loco which was, for now, hospitalized on a side track, awaiting repairs. The color is not correct. It is painted is lighter Staatsspoorwegen green. It should have been in dark NS-green. (see my NS7000 pages). The owner knew this. S1052306 S1052307
S1052308  Again the scenery was well detailed S1052309  A so called Locomotor S1052312 S1052314
S1052315 S1052317 S1052342b S1052343b