2009-02-04 Haarlem

I visit Haarlem regularly on an professional basis. The station of Haarlem always fascinates me. In my opinion it is one of Hollands most beautiful stations. It is the only major station built in Art Nouveau or Jugendstil. Dating from 1908 it is still largely preserved in its original state. The two entrance halls and the island station building are typical, as is the beautifully preserved and restored station hall.
Haarlem 1913  Haarlem postcard 1913. Handcolored. Note the two entrance building, the right of which is the most elaborate and the left the simpler structure (Photo courtesy: http://www.stationsweb.nl/) Haarlem 1960  Haarlem 1960. One of the years that the station building was completely visible. The station square used to be occupied by the Beynes works, rolling stock builder. It closed in the late fifties. Nowadays the station square is once again built up with distgustingly ugly parking and office building.  (Photo courtesy: http://www.stationsweb.nl/) DSC08017b DSC08009b
DSC08012b DSC08013b DSC08014b Aerial  Aerial view (by Google). The main entrance is on the south eastern edge of the station hall. The station consist of two major spans, extended to the west by a prolonged narrow span that houses two dead end tracks and a small span to the east (to Amsterdam)
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