2008-11-29 Nederlandse Modelspoordagen

On November 29, 2008 I visited the Dutch Modelrailroad days
DSC05964  I started off at the site of a Gauge II society. I still find the steam loco's of the Rheatian Railway of a fascinating design DSC05967 DSC05982 DSC05968  This is "my" engine (see Collection)
DSC05969 DSC05970 DSC05972 DSC05973
DSC05974  Another impressive exhibit was a layout with mainly tams. I took a few photo's from NZH-trams (in full: NZHTM, the Noord Zuid Hollandse Tramweg Maatschappij, Noth and South Holland Tramway Co) DSC05975 DSC05976 DSC05977  The famous Budapester tramcars.
DSC05978  and their small brother DSC05979  a closer look at the motor car DSC05980 DSC05983  Tramways were very common in the Netherland.
DSC05993  A mrr group from The Hague DSC05989  The private rail car of the Board of Directors of the Dutch Railways. It was built in the early fifties if I remember correctly and used as a private director's car until the seventies. Because of the two humps, accomodating the driver's cabs, at was called "De Kameel", the camel. It was for rent or private parties for some time but when it reached a service due date is was more or less plucked for spare parts common with other motor cars and put away in the Dutch Railway Museum, left to rot in the open air. In recent years an enormous effort has been made to restore it to operating condition and since about a year it roams the rails again. ns 20+ 205[1]  Here a photo of the restored original. DSC05990  The mrr from The Hague models.......The Hague. Station Den Haag Hollandsch Spoor is one of the best preserved stations in the country. If you ever happen to visit The Hague don't miss it!!
DSC05991 DSC05992 DSC05995  Modelers of another tramway. The RTM survived until 1966, being the last tramway to operate (partly) with steam. DSC05994
DSC05996 DSC05999 DSC06000 DSC06002  The infamous lifting bridge at Spijkenisse. Infamous because rail and road traffic shared the the road deck, giving cause to many a serious accident.
DSC06011  For those who fail to see the pun: Stella Artois is a beer brand DSC06004  but the diorama depict a sleepy French village DSC06005  a few turnouts some rails, that's all it takes to create a wonderful diorama. One of the most heard comments: it doesn't need to be big to be beautiful DSC06006  the water tank
DSC06007 DSC06008 DSC06009 DSC06010
DSC06015  Another classy diorama. Though I'm usually not very interested in modern themes, I liked this one. In der Beschränkung zeigt sich der Meister. (The master shows himself in the restriction) DSC06013 DSC06014 DSC06020  A fictive station in the Rheatian Alps
DSC06016 DSC06017 DSC06021 DSC06022
DSC06023 DSC06025 DSC06026 DSC06027
DSC06028 DSC06029 DSC06030 DSC06034  now what do you think this Preiserman is doing??
DSC06042  Another beauty of three switches and half a square meter DSC06036 DSC06037 DSC06038
DSC06039 DSC06040 DSC06041 DSC06043
DSC06044 DSC06045 DSC06046 DSC06051
DSC06047 DSC06048 DSC06050 DSC06060  Well this diorama is so surprising. First it is framed like a painting. The front buildings are protruding a little creating a real 3D effect. The buildings are 1:50 (appr) but the vicarage in the centre is of a smaller scale and the church tower even smaller still (1:160). The same applies to the people on the street. Larger figures in front, smaller in the back. This creates a very strong visual effect which the photo can hardly show. (see also http://msgvalkenswaard.nl/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=81&Itemid=61).
DSC06058  But this isn't all. A tram runs along the street in the front, then makes a sharp turn behind the house on the right.... DSC06059  and seems to disappear in the distant street. The modeler of this diorama has done the same trick with the trams: two identical consists in two scales  (1:50 and 1:160) appear and disappear in consecutive order creating a very surprising effect. DSC06061  Finally some pictures of a few live steam loco's. Actually I made these photo's for my collegue Vincent. Take a close look at he loco and you'll know why. DSC06062
DSC06063 DSC06067 DSC06068 DSC06069